Saturday, August 8

will summer ever end?!?!

whine whine...sorry

but summer is hard for me. i need routine!

i haven't touched my scrap area in forever it feels like. it is a freakin wreck!!! don't even want to look at it. maybe if i clean it up i will get some mojo back. i see what karen and the basb are doing and i so want to scrap, but cringe when i go to sit down at my table. i think i will work on that today.

the girls are driving each other nuts! (along with me). since the hubs and i were selfish and took a cruise, there are no extra funds for a family vacation. they really need to go somewhere! we have been piggy backing on daddy's trips to houston. work pays for his hotel and we just sit around the pool all day. better than nothing.

school starts on the 24th, thank god!!! but we are not even close to being ready. haven't bought a thing. oh wait...i did get lunch boxes the other day. it's a step in the right direction, right???

lil miss has a birthday coming up. she has decided to do what we did last year...breakfast with mom at ihop and spending the day with dad shopping. but she added that she wants a friend to sleep over too. we will see...

so many things i need to get done and i don't know where to start....feeling a bit overwhelmed