Tuesday, September 30

not much scrapping going on here :(

that's ok, cause i can catch up this weekend with my chicas! we are having another girly weekend. ya know drink... eat...scrap...hot tub...drink some more! can't wait!

Friday, September 26

long evening

geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i pooped!

(edited friday: oops! i mean "i'm" pooped hehe, sorry)

i didn't think this night would ever end! since the hubby is out of town i had to be in three places all in the same time. miranda had an away volleyball game, luara gale had a softball game and kimber had soccer practice. i didn't go to miranda's game because she rides the bus there and has the option of riding it back or going home with a parent. and what a game to miss...it was apparently the best game yet even though they lost. lots of action! she didn't get home til almost ten. i had a friend bring her home cause the other two were already in bed. she was going on and on about how close it was and how the coach keep telling her (yelling at her) "great job terry" "way to go terry" and "that's how you do it terry" sooooooooo proud of her right now. she works so hard getting up at 5:30 every morn and tries so hard to do what the coaches ask and tonight just proves to her that it pays off.

my plan was to take kimber to practice then leave to take lg to softball. well since i can't trust kimber to behave and listen to the coach while i'm not there, i decided to forget about soccer tonight. which was probably a bad idea since her first game is sat morning and she could use the practice. not just for skill but for discipline. she has the skill...holy moly she can kick butt out there on that field! let's just say don't get on her bad side by pushing or elbowing her cause she will take her time and wait for her revenge. not that we encourage that! but it is something fierce she has in her. it is kind of funny...she will be out on the field and just be standing there playing in the dirt, looking up at the sky, not paying attention but as soon as you call her name and get her attention, she is after that ball in a heart beat. she will chase someone down and steel the ball and take to the other end...but getting it into to goal is a different story. it always hits the post. i shouldn't say always, but 50% of the time.
but oh well, i can't do it all.
poor lg, while warming up before the game she got smacked in the eye with a hard throw from a teammate. the girl was maybe five feet from her and threw it as hard as she could. don't know why but i don't think it was intentional. so lg sat out the first inning. they lost as well, slaughtered is more like it. but lg played the best she has ever played. not one ball got passed her. she started out in the out field but then her coach put her on first. and boy did she shine! i was so proud cause she has been struggling so much. all the girls she plays with have been playing since t-ball and they are all 9 and 10 now. this is only lg's second season. she loves it but doesn't feel good enough. so this last week i found her a coach for private lessons. and after one lesson i can see the difference. mostly cause is getting some self esteem. we didn't get out of there til almost eight. so of coarse we were way off schedule (WHICH I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING) kimber is in bed by eight and lg by eight thirty. after baths and a couple of homework things that were "forgotten" they didn't get to bed til almost nine. they are the kind of kids that need their sleep! can't wait til morning...fun times ahead.
it is about 12:45 now. so i think i should go to bed. the one day i don't have to take any of my kids to school cause i trade on fridays with a friend and i decide to go running with karen! and down a busy street needless to say! where everyone is going to see my big old butt jiggling around! ahhhhh! why did i agree to this karen?!?! i really want to sleep in! i sooooooooo want to call you in the morn to cancel. but i won't! i promise! just be nice and take it easy on me :(

sorry, lately my post have way to long!

Tuesday, September 23

i need some advice!!

there is the scoop...

my barely thirteen year old got a phone for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. she is a "textin" junkie! well yesterday i took it away because she was texting tacky things. nothing really bad just rude things that could have been avoided. so while her phone was in our room she received two texts. both the same. it was a forward thingy.

now you tell me if we over reacted.

this is what it said....

"send this 2 everyone and c what they think bout u

1 - friend

2 - friend w/benefits (yes you read that right!)

3 - my baby

4 - my bf/gf

5 - sexy

6 - cute"

WTH!!! i'm sorry that really shocked us. "friends with benefits" now we know what is out there and have discussed it in detail with miranda. we try to be very open and honest with her. probably to honest, but we rather her know the truth and be aware of things.

our reaction...my hubby texts the two girls who sent it to miranda and said..."this is miranda's dad. these are not appropriate questions for young ladies. do your parents know that you are forwarding these kinds of texts? they will." as soon as he was done with that he called the parents, just as a "fyi"

they both made excuse for their daughters. now i know my daughter pretty well, but if someone was trying to tell me what she did or didn't do...i'm not stupid...kids are kids. i would thank them for bringing it to my attention and i would take care of it. not make excuses and pretend they didn't mean any harm.

i really don't think the parents of any of the kids she goes to school understand what they are facing everyday. they just can't swipe things under the rug like nothing is going on. well i guess their kids are not my concern.

anywho, would you want a phone call letting you know about something like this or did we over react?

are we being to petty?

Monday, September 22

happy monday

NOT! i hate mondays!

here is one i did for STM and pencil lines #103

Sunday, September 21

back on track

this is for SYC.
it has been awhile since i sat down to scrap but i feel the scrap bug nibbling at me. so i decided to start with my favorite challenge site. i think this is the first page i've ever done without a picture on it. this year we spent so much money on school clothes that i wanted to do a page about it. i should have taken a pic of the girls while we shopped but i didn't think about it until after we were done :(
i'll be back with more....

Saturday, September 20


just thought i would share.

i don't have the right words...but this is from aleida's funeral.

Monday, September 15

should be interesting

in our house tonight! COWBOYS vs. EAGLES

i'm a yankee and my dad still lives in philly...so i guess you know who i'm cheering for. hubby threaten to kick me out earlier! if you live in texas, being a eagles fan is not good for your health. so i have to keep it down.

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shhhh, you didn't just read that!

a few things that are going on here...

*first i'm still in shock over the horrible tragedy friday. i didn't know aleida very long, but she surely touch my heart! i can't seem to get this charming lady off my mind. i have seen the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises the past couple of days and i can only think of her when i see them. she surely must be doing something up there to contribute. her poor husband and those two gorgeous kids! if you happen to been blessed by a comment she left or seen one of her projects and would like to help in a small way you can go here. there are couple of ways you can help.

*miranda is having a hard time in school. she feels alone. she feels like her whole world is crashing around her. the other night, her birthday to be exact, she had another one of her melt downs. i must say this one scared me a bit. she was crying so hard she was shaking and almost hyperventilating. my hubby was out playing poker and i almost called him to come home. "i just want to die" were her words. now i know she is dramatic but to hear those words come out of my thirteen year old's mouth...i didn't know how to comfort her. i did my best. i didn't want to make her problems seem like they were not important, because to her they are. she begged me to let her stay home the next day. as much as i wanted to cave, i didn't. it would be easy to let her run from everything around her but it will still be there monday. there wasn't a specific thing that happened just to many for one day i guess.

*kimber has a "boyfriend"! this was our conversation during bath...

k - dalton said he liked me like a girlfriend.

me - really? you know daddy doesn't want you to have any boyfriends.

k - not until i'm as big as miranda.

me - maybe.

k - can you do this when you have a boyfriend (she made a really long kissing sound tossing her head side to side)

me - uhhhh

me - you can't do that until your married. (said very calmly)

k - like you and daddy?

me - um...yes. now get out and dry off...

wth? she is in first grade!!!! i tell you raising girls is not easy! and to have to do it three times...please god help me!!!!

*and the reason she is not aloud to bath by herself anymore....last night she decided to squeeze the brand new bottles of conditioner and shampoo into the hair rinsing cup. just to see what color it would make!!! and just the other night i went to clean the tub and found it covered in green slime....hmmmmmmm who do you think poured out all the shampoo and painted the tub??? yes the same little girl! so that is almost six bucks down the drain, seriously down the drain!!!!

*have to figure out how i am going to be at three places at once thursday night! miranda has a volleyball game at 5:00. thank goodness it is a home game. laura gale has a softball game at 6:00, it is right across the street, thank goodness again. and kimber has to be at soccer practice by 6:30, all the way across town! hubby's not sure if he will be here to help. i'm starting to stress!

*tomorrow will be the first time i have to juggle everyone around for practices. it wouldn't be so bad if kimber would do what she is told and behave. i have to leave her at soccer practice and take lg to the other side of town for softball practice. drop her off and go back and pick up k. now, i learned from last year when we had to do this that kimber will go to the playground as soon as i drive away. and as soon as she would she me coming back she would run back to the field and act like she was practicing. this went on for two weeks before i notice her running across the field to get back. and my fellow soccer moms know that i wouldn't put up with that! i don't know why they let her get away with it. kimber told them she didn't feel like practicing....ummm hello! so i had to start leaving my oldest to babysit. so as much as miranda will whine and hate it she will be doing that again this season.

there is more but i'm getting tired! so that is enough for tonight!

EDIT: 37 - 31, EAGLES!!!!

Thursday, September 11


happy birthday sweet baby girl!

Monday, September 8

bye bye bye

oh yeah! i'm saying bye bye to these dang arm brace! it has been 16 weeks since i had surgery on my wrist and 14 weeks of wearing this stupid thing and 5 weeks of therapy. the brace stinks so bad, no matter how many times i wash it. i must admit that i'm a little nervous...what if i fall or something. i don't want to go through that again! the doc said i could leave it off unless i'm at the gym. he wants me to wear it for a couple more months just when i'm working out. i can handle that. so i'm super excited! that's all for now...i'm about to go help at the school for awhile then head over to karen's house to visit a bit.

Sunday, September 7


well thank goodness! the furniture is here. this is laura gale's

and miranda's...

glad that is over! now i can get my house back in order. it is a wreck! the girls are so excited. this is the first time ever that they have had nice furniture. and things that match! we have never been in a position to afford it. i am very grateful. and miss kimber is feeling sad cause she didn't get anything new. we told her she has to earn it. we were planning to get her new furniture as well but decided against it. she doesn't know how to treat things. i don't think it's from lack on our part, she just doesn't care. so hopefully this will motivate her. i could tell it hurt her feelings a bit. it might sound mean to some people, but we don't know any other way to teach her how to respect things. she will draw on or break something just because she is mad or didn't get her way. i don't know where it comes from. her sisters never went through this. maybe it is because she is the youngest.
anywho, i will be busy this week trying to put everything back where is belongs! i am not going to start till tomorrow...i think i want to scrap tonight. i'm feeling a little srcappy!

EDIT: just realized it is football season! YUCK! there goes my monday night tv :(

Saturday, September 6


from the land of no scrappin! i finally got a chance to scrap last night. gosh i think it has been three weeks since i last made a layout! this is for syc. and there is some serious crap in this one. the pumkin, the paper, the "boo crew" die cut and that little circle prong thing that was a pain in the butt to use. (i just threw the rest of them out!)

and here is "my #19" at her first jr. high game. they didn't win but she did awesome! i was so proud! and the shorts that i had to go hunt down and pay twenty five bucks for....waste. the school ended up providing them. i wish they would make up their minds before i flushed my money down the toilet! anywho, this was more of a scrimmage. a test to see what team the coaches want them on.

now i'm off to take laura gale to buy some new bedding for her bed. the furniture guys said they would replace the furniture sunday. they better! my house is such a wreck! everything is in the living room. i can't stand the chaos! everything is out of place. lg slept in the living room on just the mattress last night. miranda did the same in her room. so i just have to have some patience!

Thursday, September 4


on the furniture guys to get here! i have to leave by three to get the girls. they better get a move on! i've been cleaning out all their rooms today. what a bunch of crap they have! where does it all come from cause i sure don't buy it!

well here is little miss showing off her missing tooth. she was up set when she lost it. not cause she lost her first tooth but because she had nothing to leave the tooth fairy. she was worried that she wouldn't get any money! little toot!

i haven't been able to scrap lately. i'm afraid i forgot how! ;) but i did give my pta binder a make over with some heidi and some glitz! pic is blurry but oh well...

miranda plays her first volleyball game at five today! i'm so excited for her! we went and bought those silly, tiny, tight spandex volleyball shorts yesterday after the coach said they would provide them for the girls. duh!!! that makes me so mad. i asked them on tuesday "do we need to buy the shorts?" they said "oh no, we will make sure they have them for the game." well twenty five bucks later...i had to hunt them down after school yesterday cause we live in a small town and i was not going all the way to ft. worth!

the game is about forty minutes away. i hope we can get back by 6:30! but i think i'm dreaming! kimber has soccer practice from 6:30 to 7:30 and i have to get laura gale signed up for softball by 8:00! and i don't even know where the office for that is! anyway got to go finish up some laundry. hope those furniture guys get here soon!

EDIT: it is now 2:40 and still waiting!!!! even if they get here, i have to leave in twenty minutes to pick up the kids! they won't have time to set everything up! AHHHHHHH!! so frustrated right now!!!

UPDATE: they got here at 3:20. mind you, the kids get out of school at 3:15. my hubby cut his day short and made a hour and a half trip in 50 minutes. i passed him in the drive way, he pulled up the same time the truck did.

out of seven pieces that were delivered, five have to be replaced! oh i am so pissed! but there is nothing i can do. my house is a disaster! the older two girls are sleeping on the floor for the next couple of days. poor things...they were so disappointed when they got home. anywho, had to vent!

Tuesday, September 2


on so many things,

* miranda made the volleyball team! yay! her first game is this thursday. it is out of town. yuck! and kimber has soccer practice at 6:30 so hopefully dad will be in town to help me to be two places at once!

* kimber and dad had a two hour heart to heart talk. it would not have been so long but she is very strong willed and stubborn! she has definitely been testing us lately. hopefully this will help her. cause if it doesn't her butt will be hurting from that paddle! we have had enough of her meanness, destructiveness and lately her tantrums! for example...we were in a store the other day and while i was busy talking to the lady there. she got mad at her sister for not letting her do what "mommy" told her not to do. so she said "well then i'm just going to break something then" AND she tried. unsuccessful, thank god! i had no idea this happen till after we left.

* we got the two older girls some well deserved furniture for their bedrooms. we have live here for three years and have never fixed up their rooms. i have always felt guilty but we just haven't had the cash flow to do it. i've always wanted to make their room "theirs" somewhere they would be proud and love being. something i never had as a kid. so we went all out. just have to buy laura gale some bedding and paint for her room. (kimber did not get anything...she has to prove to us that she can take care of what she has first. judging by her past...it will be a long time before she gets anything)

* have to clean out the girls room for the furniture delivery by thursday morn. yuck!!! i just don't have the time!

* kimber went to her grandmothers for the weekend. she saw the cows and "billy the bull" who she just loves to death. she feed them and just loved that. she picked pears and okra. (sorry not sure if that is how you spell that)

* dad took the rest of us girls out for a day of fun. shopping. eating out. ice cream. a ton of movies from blockbuster. and eating out some more!

* when we went to pick up kimber, we helped my in laws pick up tree limbs and horse apples. their health is not great and their land is needing more attention than they are able to give it. so we helped with a few things. i wish we could do more for them.

* kimber lost her first tooth at school today! will post pic later. but wouldn't ya know it...she lost it. we think it ended up in the trash by mistake. she looks so stinking cute. that tooth has been ready to come out for weeks. she just didn't want to pull it out. she bit into to her pear at lunch and she said it was just gone. to funny!

* got a box of scrap goodies in the mail the other day that needs to picked over so i can send it to another person to pick through. we are passing around a pizza box with others "scrap crap" and taking what we want then refilling it with our own scrap crap and passing it on to others. you know what we consider crap someone else will love!

* i've got to get up to the school early tomorrow to bake and serve the teachers some fresh cookies while they are at lunch. i've got this little oven and i am taking it to the teachers lounge to treat them.

* have to make an appointment with doc for lg. i'm am very worried and convinced that she may have a bit of tourettes syndrome. (probably spelled that wrong too) don't know much about it. but i'm very nervous. and will feel stupid if it is nothing. but i rather be safe than sorry.

* waiting on my "twilight" t-shirt to come in the mail. hubby doesn't know he bought that for me! hee hee

* just finished reading the draft of midnight sun! i can't believe someone would do that to SM! i'm so pissed! if she doesn't get to finish it i'm going to hunt down that idiot who stole it! why would he or she do that???????

*went to lowes to buy patio furniture, i was so excited...until we got there and there was nothing, i mean nothing. not even an ugly set left! they sold it all this past weekend so that was a bummer! but got hubby to take me to bed bath and beyond instead. that made up for it! oh yeah! broke the bank there!

*planning another scrap weekend sooooooon! yeah!!!!!

that's all for now!