Tuesday, March 31


can't believe i'm doing this one, but here it goes...

  • Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.
  • Load the picture onto your blog.
  • Tag three people to play. Remember, if you are tagged, we will all be heading to your blog to see if you played along.

run for cover!!!!

no makeup!

frizzy hair!

and a third eye, which i'm covering up ;)

dang denise...i must luv ya!

i tag karen, jenn and heather

Wednesday, March 25

pods and a few fun pics

joined a new gym today...feel like a trader...

i know he's not my kid but i can't help it. he's so darn cute! (sorry k, will send him to ya)

sign i found in purple cow

lg was bored at the game so she created a fort for the bugs :)

kimber gets a little rough sometimes...oops

who is that?!?

march 25 - freaky clouds

march 24 - what k-liz and i will look like in a few years..hehe

march 23 - bad bad bad

Monday, March 23

more pods

mar 16
mar 17

mar 18

mar 19

mar 20

mar 21

Wednesday, March 18

not finished

here is a better pic....still not finished....but oh so lovin it!

three post in just a couple of hour...geezzzz

no scrappin but some pics...karen and are headed to the scrap in waco, tx on the third and fourth of april! can't wait! wooohooo

on to pics

yes i sometime do this. not in public but around the house...dorkage i know

kimber is such an animal lover

OCD? maybe :)

kids having fun while we worked on my new scrap space


after...not finished...will take better pic tomorrow and post but you get the idea.

and this is all cause of my bestie karen! thanks k, LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 17

a little behind

so i'm a little behind on my pods...i've missed a few days here and there but i'm not giving up. and i haven't blogged in awhile either. ugh

here we go...

march 15

march 13
march 12
march 11 - ball
march 10 (k-liz and owen.do you think our friend needs to take down her christmas tree yet?)
march 9
march 8
march 7
march 6
march 5 - top (my sweet friend sent this to me and it rest in the top of my car)
march 3 - blue


Thursday, March 5

i've lost control!

first edward, then plum and now sookie!

i need some serious help people!

Tuesday, March 3

a lot to chat about

* a new challenge is posted at BASB. and the rak is a gift card to SC!

*kimber had a hard time last week. lots of swats!

*miranda won first place in her first track meet for the 200 meter

*hubs is stressed beyond stressed. i'm worried about his health

*laura gale started softball

*haven't heard from miranda's softball coach, which is bugging me

*had a conversation with my mother, never good

*soccer coach ended practice early thursday because the girls wouldn't listen

*went out to have a couple of drinks with some girls i didn't even know, except for sheree. very uncomfortable. k- you were at work :(

*spent 14 hours on my arse at a dance competition for miranda's school dance team. she won first in her division. but my back is killing me.

*missed kimber's soccer game because of the dance thing. which sucks because, from what i heard, she was awesome. she got 6 patches! including the mvp patch. i think that is the most any of the kids have ever gotten at one time.

*finally went to church

*went to see movie with hubby

*had lunch with hubby and k and owen got to join us. yea!

*tak test is today. ugh!

*yearbook is due today and it's not ready.

on to my pods, which i'm sooooooo behind on...

feb 26th - square

ok so it's not completely square but good enough. k and i got some scrappy goodies in the mail!

feb 27th - grey

this is only half of my collection ;)

feb 28th - weird

is it weird that i write on my bathroom mirror so i don't forget what i need to do even though i have a calendar in my purse?

mar 1st - hard

this hard headed dog! she won't stop chewing up everything including that blanket!

mar 2nd - crowded

empty crowded hangers mean there is a lot of laundry to be done. yuck!

ok, i'm done for now.