Wednesday, July 30

had to share

this email that i got the other day. i laughed my rear off at the foot note!

One for the girls

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my shape to keep.
Please no wrinkles, Please no bags
And please lift my butt before it sags.
Please no age spots, Please no gray
And as for my belly, Please take it away .
Please keep me healthy, Please keep me young,
And thank you Dear Lord, For all that you've done.

Five tips for a woman....

1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to You.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.

Foot Note:

One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:
'If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts.'

thanks dawn for the laugh, i needed it!

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Tuesday, July 29


is a new day!
a washer will be delivered in the morning and the fence will be finished by lunch. hopefully the roof guys will start soon. whoo hooo! i'm actually excited to do laundry! i cleaned out from behind the washer, let's just say ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. note to self...don't let another three years go buy without cleaning behind the washer and dryer!
and when i say we have nothing clean, i mean it. the girls are sharing clothes (mostly underwear, imagine a 5 yr old wearing a 12 yr olds undies. pretty funny!)

i am honored to say that i received two awards this week...

my first award is from karen

so, here's the deal:

1. The winner can take the logo
2. Place a link to the person that sent you the award
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy
4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.
5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award.

(sorry don't have 7)

i pick kim, kristin, greta, jennifer, adrienne and deanne

i should give my award back to karen, cause she is the one that helped me with my blog. so if ya'll ever need help, check her out here.

my second award is from adrienne...

  1. 5 bloggers.

  2. 4 that are regulars.

  3. 1 is new to you or in another part of the world
i pick karen, jenn, jana,
for the fourth, i ran out of people, i'm new to this blog thing...
and my new is lashell

and i do try to visit these girls daily!

each award is linked back to the person that gave it to me, btw THANK YOU, and now i have to go leave a comment on each blog that i picked. so i might need to go get a snack, cause i will be here for a while!

Saturday, July 26

ok four is enough

posts for one day...but i just had to share something that happen a few moments ago that made me cry. not a bad cry like my posts before, but a good cry. my oldest daughter just gave me this...

it says,

here's some stress free advice..."put the big rocks first"

(she is famous for writing us "notes" when she wants something or needs to tell us something)

then i opened it and read this...

now i know you can't really read it so here(in her exact words and spelling):

mom's spa

dear mom,

i know today is a very stressful day for you! so let me make it up 2 you. today we'll skip the track so you can spend the night relaxing. at 6:30 you spa will start. we'll get you all comfy + ready 2 go! we'll be your butlers + do whatever you want for 15 min. then at 6:45 you will be under lock down. that means no one goes into your room + you can gave a full 2 hrs. 2 yourself. and don't worry about us. we'll be perfectly busy. i have aranged that at 7:00 the hannah montana consert will be showing rite here at our very own house. we will keep the sound at a reasonable volume. then if you want another hour i have recorded double date night.

so if you will acept...

provider's signager

consumer's signager

have a stress free night!

your darling daguters!! :)

how blessed am i!!!!!

boy, i am so glad i have this blog to let everything out! it doesn't matter if anyone sees or reads it. it is a wonderful outlet! thanks k for introducing it to me.

i better go and sign my contract before it expires!

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here is the pencil lines sketch i did last night...

blahhhhhh! not pencil lines, my day.

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when it rains

it pours! the past couple of days have been crap!

our fence finally fell down, washer went out and i gained five pounds! wth!

since we (when i say we i mean my hubby!) waited til the fence fell completely down it is going to take longer to get someone out to rebuild it. we've had the insurance check for awhile. don't know why hubby hasn't had someone to come fix it. it's probably cause he is out of town a lot and doesn't have to look at the dang thing as much as i do. so it doesn't get on his "to do list" til it is really bad. believe me it is bad. we look like the "WT" of the neighborhood. and when i take the dogs out i have to stand in front of the stupid fence so they won't run away. ahhhhhhhhhh! at this point i don't care if they run away.

anyway, here are the pics from our lowe's project this morning.

k smashed her finger and got a splinter! so she has been whining about it since we got home. she won't let me get the splinter out. so i told her i "if you won't let me help you i don't want to hear any whining!"

lg didn't get to finish hers. her stomach was bothering her. and i've learned the hard way when k or lg say their stomach hurts, i better listen. so many times i tell them "oh your ok, suck it up" well it never fails, as soon as i turn around they throw up! so we left early. but of coarse the day i take her serious...nothing. came home ate lunch and she wanted a brownie afterwards. so she is fine.

but m seem to have an ok time. and that little man next to her is karen's. he so cute! k, will email you the other pics.

right now i'm on my way back to lowe's to buy a dang washer because it will cheaper than someone coming out to fix our old one! is that not crazy? it is eight years old. aren't they suppose to last like ten or more? i called several people, and they wanted at least $250. that's not including parts! so for a little more i can buy a freakin new one! can you tell i'm still in a bad mood?!? and to top it, off hubby went to deer lease to fill the damn feeders. he won't be back til late tomorrow! i wonder if there is some beer in the frig? maybe when the kids go to bed i'll have one!

sorry, i am just a little over whelmed right now! had to vent!!!

as i just finished this post i heard a big crash in the back yard...gee i wonder what that was. well i looked out the window, and my little rigging i did to hold up the fence, didn't hold up! omg i'm going to pull my, now probably gray, hair out!


no washer yet! i've used that lowe's card a million times, but today of all days, they tell me i can't use it because my name is not on the account, only my hubby's is. so i hope everyone has clean underwear(which i know kimber doesn't, cause she is wearing laura gale's) cause he is at the deer lease and i know he won't want to go up there when he gets home tomorrow!

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tether ball

remember those? well i'm taking the girls to lowe's for the kid workshop thing. i thought this would be a fun one. it is a table top tether ball. i'll be back with pics. the next workshop is a mini locker. that should be cool also! then i think it will be a gmc truck, for all those boys out there. you can go here to check it out.

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Friday, July 25

nap time

ok, my head hurts and i am one grouchy girl today so i'm going to take a nap. at least try to...hubby is playing on his computer and kids are fighting!

here is STM

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catching up

today is a crappy day for me so i'm getting out my frustration out by scrapping. i haven't scrapped in about 5 days! i'm starting to go through withdraws!

so here is my first layout of the day, SYC

be back soon with STM

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Wednesday, July 23

busy couple of days

wow, i am beat! we have been busy. hubby has been out of town since sunday, so it will be nice to have him home tomorrow. a couple of days is ok but when he is gone for more than that it is tough. miss you babe!

look who i got...

pic is really bad. #1 my daughter took it. #2 crappy camera.

owen and michael stayed with us while karen and mike went on a date. it was fun having the boys here. my girls are obsessed with them. lg and k fight for michael's attention and miranda just loves owen! as do i! lg is older than michael, but they love the same wars, indiana jones etc. and kimber is the same age as him so they also get along well. anways, they had fun.

we also had dentist appointments for k and m yesterday. m got her rubber bands put on her braces so her mouth is really sore. k had her retainer adjusted. oh wait dentist was monday, today was m's doc check up. sorry. it is summer, i can't seem to keep the days straight. anywho, when we got home from the doc, k found a package on the porch with her name on it. it was from noel. thanks again noel! she won a kid scrap challenge she did last week. i was planning to take a pic of the package for a scrap page, but she tore into it before i could get a chance. but i think it will make the page better now that i think about it.

k can be so sweet sometimes, she said since both of her sister did the challenge too that they could all share it. awwwww, it was a proud moment for me as a mom. i know i ***** about how she can be mean and hateful towards her sisters but one thing she is not is selfish! she does have her good moments.

today we got up early, i wanted to get to the mall when they opened. so from 10 til about 3, we were school shopping. being at the mall for five hours with three girls, ahhhhhhhh. they actually did better than usual. not to much whining or fighting. but we are not even close to being done! with an older child we can't shop at target or any place like that anymore! but everything we bought was on sale. i think we did pretty darn good. aeropostle had ALL their shirts, including hoodies, HALF off. i think we will go back, there were two things that m wanted and we didn't get them. i called them after we left to see when the sale would end. next week! so we have time! wooo hooo!

i totally crashed when we got home for about an hour. the girls scrapped with their new goodies while i was drooling and probably snoring. after dinner we met karen at the track. we are some fast walkers! didn't run much she has a bum leg and i have shin splints. but we did two miles. it is so great to have her as my track buddy. we had some good laughs tonight!

it is now a little past 11, so i better get going. have to call hubby before he goes to bed!

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Monday, July 21


i've been wanting to make these for over a year now. so when i went michael's the other day, i finally bought them.

some of you might be wondering why there is four letters when i only have three girls. well my middle child goes by her first and middle name. until she gets older and decides to go by one or the other. she is named after her great grandmother, laura, and grandmother, gale. i didn't make kimber's with a lot of embellishments because she will probably just tear them off. she is my destructive child. if it can be broke she will be the one to do it. so i'm sure the little bit of bling i put on hers won't last long.

btw, here is a rant that i just have to get of my chest...

i also bought a boarder punch at michael's. it was $14.99. i had a 40% off coupon, so that knocked six bucks off, but when i went to target yesterday the same one was only $8.99! is that stupid or is it just me? i can understand a couple of $ more, but gees! i still saved around a buck using my coupon, but if i would have known earlier i would have just gone to target. (it's ok i bought another one while i was there. so now i have two, hee hee)

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Sunday, July 20


this is a redo for syc. hated the other one.

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Saturday, July 19


i know that i planned to do some more layouts but hubby is going out of town tomorrow til wed or thurs. so i went to go see another movie. i needed some me time, cause i'll be here pulling my hair out with three kids by myself. but i couldn't decide between mamma mia and the new batman. so i asked k to go with me. she couldn't make it but really wants to the batman. so i decided that i would wait to see that with her and go see mamma mia tonight. i was in a girly kind of movie mood anyway. can i just say OH MY FREAKIN GOSH! first i didn't know it was a musical. people were singing along and clapping. i felt a little out of place, everyone there was much older than me. second i've never seen the whole trailer before. i saw a bit of it and thought "oh yeah a girly movie". and i love colin firth. even though his character didn't turn out the way i wanted, it was the best movie i think i've seen in a long time! i laughed, got teary eyed and just about peed my pants. meryl streep was awesome. the only cheesy part was seeing pierce brosnan singing a solo. but i won't give anymore details just in case you are going to see it. it is a must see movie, musical was so worth the $8.50 and crowds. and if you do go see it DO NOT LEAVE BEFORE THE CREDITS! it is so dang funny. i want to go see it again! i'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out on dvd! loved it! loved it! did i say that already?! hee hee

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scrappy day

these are some layouts i did today...

this one is for STM

and this one is for adrienne and noel

i still have two more to complete. i hope i can finish them today.

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why oh why

did i agree to run a marathon?!?! i hate running!

went to the track with k last night. it was great having someone to run/walk with. i usually just have teens and kiddos. the kiddos had a great time running around and playing together. i don' t know if it is from working out or from the running, but i can hardly move today! every muscle in my body is screaming at me. i know it will get better the more i do it, but dang i'm sore! i know once we are done and crossed that finish line it will be all worth it. that would a great accomplishment for me. i've never done anything like this. i guess that's why i feel a little scared and unsure of myself. i'm not the skinniest girl around ya know! far from it. i've been working out with a trainer for over a year now. so i know i've got some nice tone muscle, but it is under all my fat! i don't think i would have agreed to do this if i didn't have k. i knew she would say yes before i even asked her. she has asked me several times in the past to do one. she has done this half marathon thing before. so she can guide me along. HALF marathon! that is still 13 miles! i can't even run 1 yet! but i'm not giving up!

i'm working on some challenges today so i will be back with those later.

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Friday, July 18

give me give me!

isn't this just yummy! i would love to snuggle with this. go check it out and you could win it. but really i hope you don't cause i want it! hee hee

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while i wait

on my pics to upload to walgreens (which takes a REALLY long time btw) i thought i might as well post something. yesterday my 12 yr old asked me when she was going to be able to wear make up. well NEVER i thought. but she is going into jr. high next month. did i just say next month, crap! where did the summer go? anywho, i let her experiment with my make up. all on her own. didn't help at all. she did a pretty good job. but to see my baby with eyeliner on... :(
when her dad got home from work we were talking in the kitchen, miranda walks in, he looks at her, he didn't say a word he just went into the bedroom and shut the door. poor miranda thought she was in trouble. he came out about 5 mins later and apologized to her. he said she looked very pretty but that he wasn't expecting that. he was in a little bit of shock. here is a pic of her.
the picture does not do her justice. she has a whole lot more on than it seems! we will have to work on it a bit. but enough of that more growing up!

here are a couple of challenges i did today...



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Thursday, July 17

want to loose weight...

and make some $$$ while you do it?

this starts monday. k and i are doing it.

it will be fun making new online friends. and having a support group who understands that pizza craving!

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Wednesday, July 16

long day...

but good day. after sleeping in, like really sleeping in. i don't remember what time i got out of bed but it was before lunch. the girls and i headed out to walmart for our biweekly shopping trip. we ran into everyone and their mom. i guess that will happen when you are there for almost 4 hours! we saw karen there again. it was funny because last time we were there we saw her in the same spot. i guess the milk aisle is our meeting place. anywho, i saved $33 bucks with coupons. hubby was happy.

when we got home i had a nice surprise. hubby came out and helped bring the groceries in. that doesn't happen to often. and he said i could go pick something up for dinner so i wouldn't have to cook. well after i just spent close to $400 at walmart i just couldn't do it. so HE COOKED dinner. then he said to call karen and see if she wants to go to a movie. wow! i must have hit the jackpot tonight! so i called k and we went to see "hancock". we giggled a lot. it was actually pretty funny. it was nice to have grown up time with a friend.

my sil and her family came and stayed last weekend. it was nice to get the kids together. even though we are only three hours apart, we don't get together often. she has three kids also. so you know it gets crazy. i guess the kids are getting older because they seem to disappear. we hardly heard anything from them. we (grown ups) stayed up friday til probably 2am playing "life" and drinking some beers! btw, those two go great together. if you haven't played the new version of "life", your missing out. it is so much fun! and the funniest thing is we all ended up staying away from the marriage and kid part!

this is cj, the oldest of the six, and my kimber, the youngest. she loves him so much. she follows him around everywhere! not really talking much, just being his little shadow. and he never acts like she bugs him. he is so sweet to her.

this is jacob and laura gale at the little water park we have here. they are best buds. they have been since they were born. they are only three weeks apart.

can you believe how small this frog is?!?! this is kimber's little five year old hand holding that tiny thing!

and finally this is my layout for pencil lines #93...

ok that's all for now. nite!

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Tuesday, July 15

to early

boy i sure have gotten used to sleeping til nine or so. i've been up since before eight. i'm on my way to the gym. yuck! it's just so hard for me to get myself there. but once my trainer kicks my butt for about an hour, i actually feel better. and my day goes a lot smoother.

anywho, don't have much to say. i need to get to scrappin'. i haven't scrapped since thursday. i'm starting to get the shakes ;) i have a lot of challenges to catch up to. so maybe i'll post a few today.

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Monday, July 14

i'm a superior wife

barely...i didn't think i was, but i guess i'm ok as a wife!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

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Friday, July 11


hey gals, you wanted to know what makes me feel safe...well as i'm sitting here doing my thing on my computer, i look to my left and see this wonderful man with his silly headphones on playing his pc games.

i tease him a lot for playing his online games and wearing his headphones so he can talk to his buddies. but he is my world, headphones and all. and he makes me feel safe.

just knowing he loves me unconditionally. and working so hard so i don't have to.

his arms are my safe haven.

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is right! not the shorts but this layout. have you ever started a page and you have this great idea in your head. and your so excited to start. well that's how i felt with this challenge. it is not at all what i wanted. i kept telling myself to WALK AWAY FROM THE PAGE! but of coarse i didn't. i just kept adding things and painting and adding. all the blue paper is where i had to cover up mistakes! i really hate it. but here is my syc challenge...

this is miss kimber on the 4th. she was jumping off the back of a pick up truck and her shorts got caught. i'm giggling right now because it was so dang funny. she was hanging there by her shorts. with her little legs just swinging around. every time she moved it would rip more. poor thing. i shouldn't laugh. she is only five but she was so embarrassed, she ran to the bathroom crying. i shouldn't tell anyone this but i just have to... when she was still out side i checked to make sure she wasn't hurt or bleeding. well i thought i saw some blood. when we got inside, i looked wasn't blood...let's just say she didn't wipe to good after she went potty. ewwww tmi, i know! but i couldn't stop laughing. gotta love her!

anywho, have to finish cleaning. sil and her family are coming for the weekend. i had to put up my scrap stuff so we could have a table to eat on. so that means no scrappin' till sunday! :(

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