Saturday, May 31

nice surprise!!!

in my post about my nanny i mentioned the holly hobby robe she made me. i just received a bunch of pics from my aunt in puerto rico, and guess what i found a pic of...

you can't really tell, but that is it!



sorry the pics are so little. i'm not so great at this yet.
dinner with my husband's co-workers didn't go as bad as i thought it would. there were only four other families invited and they were actually really nice. i felt a little over dressed but other than that it was ok. they did have some wine and beer, but i just can never seem to bring myself to drink in front of my kids. especially when i have a (almost) teen that i tell not to do it. but thats is just me. the kids had a butt load of fun on the water slide. my oldest thought she was to cool to go down, but you can so tell she wanted to.

have to get up early for church tomorrow, we have nursery duty at 8:00!

just another saturday...

just finished shopping at wally world. always love that. NOT! i actually made it out with one cart and right at 200 bucks! that hasn't happened in forever. every two weeks i have to pull two carts up the wal-mart parking lot hill, for some reason that's the way they designed it. and i never get out of there under 350. i hate shopping there! now that is done i have to get us all ready for a "fun" dinner with husbands co-workers! yea!! NOT!, again. i will be sure to take my niravam before we go. i don't do well with big groups of people, especially when you have to try and impress them. anywho, the girls should have fun. they are going to have a big inflatable water slide.
so i just have to tell and try not to hide in a corner. maybe they will have beer, that would make it all better. hee hee

Friday, May 30

one person i admire...

is my nanny. these pics are from our visit last october. she came to phildelphia from puerto rico for some medical tests. we took the girls out of school for a week and went up to see her. it was like a family reunion. i know a week sounds long, but she hadn't seen the girls in almost five years. kimber wasn't even walking last time we saw her. family is very important to me. my grandfather and her went back to puerto rico a few years ago. they wanted to go home before they died. well my grandfather pasted about a year ago and she has not been well since. so i had to take this chance to she her. my family had never met my husband, we've been married almost 10 years, so he took a week off from work and we went. we made this decision all within 48 hours. he got to meet my dad and stepmom, uncle, aunt and grandmother. it was the best vacation ever. i don't know how much longer i will have her in my life, but i sure do love her and miss her. one of my favorite memories with her is...every summer i would visit, she would make me some outfits. the best thing she ever made for me was my "holly hobby" robe! yes, i said holly hobby. boy,i'm so old!

anywho, i hope i get to go to puerto rico soon to see her just one more time.

Thursday, May 29

can't sleep!!!!!!!

it is now 1:31am and i'm still awake! what is my problem?! i took my sleeping med hours ago. i have to get up in five hours to get the kids ready for school. probably earlier than that with the new pup. AHHHHH!!! i'm so glad i started this blog thing. it is a nice way to vent. i went all over town today to get the teachers gifts ready for the last day of school. i'm making them a goodie baskets, for one a flower pot, full of all their favorite things like their hobbies, snacks, drinks etc. and my kids just act like the world is going to end because they didn't get home in time for a snack. why do i bother!? they did nothing but argue and huff and puff the whole time. i wanted them to all write a SHORT note on the cards i spent three hours making. you think it wouldn't be a problem...oh yes! i had to ask them at least a dozen times to do it. if dad was here it would have been a whole different story. he says it once and it's done. i have to yell to get any thing done. i feel like a horrible mom by the end of the day because all i've done is yell. that is not what i want them to remember.

sometimes i feel like no one even realizes what i do. my husband is the only one who notices...most of the time. bless his heart! i love him so much. he works so hard and is out of town a lot. sometimes i feel like i'm a single mom. i know that sounds tacky because their are so many moms out there that are and i can't imagine what it would really be like. and i know i have a husband who appreciates what i do. but he doesn't always get it. i guess i just needed to get that out. i need to count my blessing instead of complain.

ok i feel a little better...good night, i hope

Wednesday, May 28

6th grade graduation???

my baby...i mean young lady

do i agree with a 6th grad graduation...not really. it's not like it is high school! but i guess it is a big milestone for her to be leaving elementary and going to middle school. i must admit, i did enjoy it. i can't believe she is about to be a teen! time flies! it seems just like yesterday i was watching her take her first step. i will also admit i got a little teary eyed when i was putting make-up on her. YES MAKE-UP! her dad didn't like that to much. but it wasn't a lot. she looked beautiful! i can't wait to see what is in store for her next year. she will be so busy with volleyball, highsteppers and softball. she already made the highsteppers but she has to try out for sports when school starts. she will be heart broken if she doesn't get on one of the teams. but i guess all i can do is be there to pick her up. out of the three girls she is my fashion diva, perfectionist and the most emotional one. she tries so hard to please everyone. and i don't know how to get her past that.

she was so mad when i made her take a pic with a boy. she just about cried. they have been good friends all year and i wanted to make sure that i had a pic of them for her scrapbook. maybe she will thank me in years to come.

today is field day at their school. i'm such a bad mom for not going. but trying to make all the rounds for three is just to much. two are at the same time and i can't go to one without going to all. if i did i would never hear the end of it. so my excuse is i have to take the new pup to the vet and have things i have to get take a nap!

...til next time

Tuesday, May 27

new additions...

first is our sweet new puppy, sophie.we got her about two weeks ago and she is sooooo damn cute. she is about 9 weeks old. she is shar-pei and lab mix. we have been through so many dogs. and they never last more than 6 months before we have to get rid of them for one reason or another. but i think sophie is here to stay! she is doing well with house training. sometimes it feels like having a new baby, getting up during the night a couple of times to take her out. she likes to get up and play around 5:30. so haven't been getting a lot of sleep. but that's ok, the girls love her.

second is my husbands new company car. it is crazy! he gets whatever he wants from toyota, custom ordered from the factory every 10,000 miles. this time he picked my dream car, sequoia. it is fully loaded! he is letting me drive it as much as possible when he is town. i think he did it just to tease me. thank god his company pays for the gas! i thought my car was bad, i filled his up yesterday and it was almost 90 bucks!

we went swimming at a friends pool yesterday for memorial day. it was fun. poor little kimber ended up with blisters on her toes. her bed time is 7:30 and she woke up about 8:30 crying about the her toes hurting and didn't go back to sleep till 10:00. so i warned her teacher today that she might be a little whiny at school. i can't believe school is out friday. i always dread summer, i am a routine person and summer just throws me off.

tonight is my baby's, i guess she not a baby anymore, 6th grade graduation. she will venture into jr. high next year! i'm a nervous wreak. but i can't wait till this year is over because of all the dang drama! and to think i have two more girls to go...god help me!

anywho got to do some MORE laundry. it never ends!

Monday, May 26

my ew to new

this is my atempt at an ew to new...

I have four pic frames that i soooooo hate. someone dear gave them to me so i have never thrown them away. i didn't do much with them, but it was better than trashing them. i'm going to make one for each girl. miranda's was up first. (sorry for the crappy pics. i'm still learning!)



since she is going into jr. high, i thought i would only use pics from this year. she loved it.

i am going to try to get one more done today.

Sunday, May 25

my first time...

hee hee, keep your mind out of the gutter! wow, this is my first post. i thought this pic would be a good one, since karen inspired me to do this.
not doing much of anything today. just hanging out around the house. miranda and laura gale went to see indiana jones last night with dad. kimber stayed home with me and we played uno! the girls loved the movie and kimber loved getting me all to herself.
well, i think i'm going to go scrap. till next time...