Wednesday, February 25

a thank you for anilu

but first, catching up on pods

feb 21st - artistic

kimber can show her artistic side when she has a sharpie in her hand. that's my kitchen wall!!! grrrr

feb 22nd - person

just some random person walking and talking on his cell

feb 23rd - arch

love the arches in my house!

i skipped yesterday. it was smile. i was in no mood to smile so i didn't even bother

but today's is a thank you to anilu for probably whats going to become another addiction! here is your box of chocolates....

feb 25th - none

oops, sorry i ate them all ;)

but i did think of you today when i saw this...

Saturday, February 21

blah blah blah

yep that's it

Sunday, February 15

new basb's challenge

i am hosting challenge #7 over at BASB. come on over and check it out!

Saturday, February 14

happy valentine's day!

my husband has planned a quit, romantic, peaceful (no children) night in ft. worth for us tomorrow. so today i tried to get the house cleaned because his mom is coming to stay with the kids. well, by noon i was feeling like crap! yep, i'm sick again!

about 45 minutes ago he ran to walgreen's to get me some cold medicine so i could sleep tonight and he came back with this...

i love him!

thanks babe!


here is my project for syc.

i will post the new basb challenge when i get back on sunday!

Friday, February 13


today's prompt was pink.

i made 9 of these giant hersey bars for the girls to give to teachers. this one was for miranda's "big sis" on her dance team. the others did not turn out as cute. got tired :(

Thursday, February 12

dang it!

i just saw this over at pinky's.

my kids already did their valentines. but i want to make these!!!! so maybe i will go buy some candy and make them for "special valentines" yep that's what i'm gonna do. thanks pinky! (now i will be up even later) ;)

Wednesday, February 11


how can i create anything in this mess? i got a lot of valentine stuff to do and can't find my mojo. maybe if i clean up it will come to me.

Tuesday, February 10


today's prompt was "landscape". i'm pretty sure this is where lg got her poison ivy.

Monday, February 9

home with poison ivy

lg stayed home from school today. the nurse said she was ok to go to school but i kept her home. poor thing is itchy like crazy. she was outside with her neighborhood friends saturday. they love to go to the empty lots around here and build forts. so i'm guessing that is where she ran into the poison ivy.

she is working on her valentines for her party on friday. she had to make a box to put her goodies in.

i wish her hair would stay back in a pony tail. she looks so pretty with it back. but it doesn't last five minutes because it is so think. anywho, this is my pod. the prompt from basb was 'state'. but i couldn't resist sweet lg!

our weekend was a bust. we had two b-day parties to go to but kimber was up throwing up at 2:30 am friday so we had to cancel our plans. one was a surprise party for one of miranda's friend she grew up with in greenville. and kimber had one on sunday for her best friend. poor kimber...all she could say while throwing up was "why does this have to happen to me?" "i don't like this" "can i still go to sadie's party?"

and now poison ivy! oh the joy!

Sunday, February 8

Saturday, February 7





Thursday, February 5

to many?

it's karen's fault! ;)

40 bucks worth of thickers...can that be justified?

Wednesday, February 4

"come on owen"

here ya go karen

do i need to contact the authorities? is this legal?