Friday, May 29

a little something

for my BASB'ers...

my menu :

beverages - big-girl drink - a shaped paper

appetizers - boneless chicken wings - 2 photos

entrees - steak and mashed potatoes - stamping

dessert - chocolate lava cake - bling

i used a sketch from here, a blog karen pointed out to me today.

Monday, May 25

scrap your crap

here is a layout i did for the challenge over at syc. you had to use sheer embellishments and/or transparencies. i didn't journal because for me it tells its own story. only karen would understand because she was there ;)

Sunday, May 24

playing in the rain

the girls have been getting along so well this weekend...i'm a bit shocked. yesterday they ALL played catched together. (they are including kimber even though it doesn't look like from the pics)
today they were out playing in the rain. they ended up in the back of my car watching the rain and drying off. just thought i would share some pics of these rare moments...

Saturday, May 23

BASB challenge

this is a layout i did for the current BASB challenge. there is still time to get yours in :)

Thursday, May 21

momma is playing soccer

yes, you read that correctly!
when kimber's season was ending a few weeks ago, one of my soccer moms suggested we play in the adult league. i thought she was kidding but before i knew it, i was handing her my reg fee. what was i thinking??? we had our first practice last monday...lots of laughs. hubs ended up swimming in the lake to get the ball. tomorrow will be our second practice and we decided to make it a "soccer and beer" practice.
anywho, this pic is of a few soccer balls we have collected over the past four years of the girls playing. think any of them will do?

heck no! momma deserves her own. hehe
so i'm on the hunt for a CUTE one. and the girls will not be able to play with it :P

Monday, May 18

mean mom?

don't laugh!

ok, you can laugh because i can't stop! these pictures don't need explaining...

Friday, May 15

friday 5

karen tagged me in the friday 5. i asked her if i could do it saturday. she then sent me a text saying if i did it saturday i would have to do 75. not that i don't think you would love to read 75 wonderful facts about my day, i just thought i would spare you.

so here we go:

1. did 4.5 miles on the elliptical this morning (toot toot! go aimee! go aimee!)

2. vacuumed my bed (i have a sickness) k...i'm not sick...i just can't stand bed bugs! ick

3. had chips n queso with hubs at OTB

4. sat outside in the wonderful sun for about an hour reading :)

5. just got home from lg's softball game and i REALLY need a shower (me stanky! whew!)

since she already took sheree, denise and greta b...

i will pick ki, diana, waleska, jenn and elizabeth

now on to my pics for today. i took a lot tonight but the last one is my pod ;)

these are from lg's softball game tonight. even though none of them are of lg actually playing. miranda was being a snot...

so...i told kimber to sit on her...

then there is sweet kimber and dad

and here is mr. smarty pants trying to be funny. he says he is just holding the cord in his hand but i think he is really telling me how he feels about having to RE-vacuum the bed!

so that's it for this post took almost forty minutes!

i need to go take a shower BAD!

later :P

Thursday, May 14

fence business

the prompt for yesterday was contrast...didn't follow. i'm sure denise is wondering why i asked for them if i'm not going to follow them ;)

here is my pod for yesterday...

some of you may remember me complaining just a bit about my neighbor's fence awhile back. after six months of looking at a fence held together by wire and such, they started working on it about two weeks ago. as you can see i have nothing to complain about now. isn't it gorgeous? wish they would just keep going across the rest of my back yard :)

but once they got that part finished, they stopped. i'm beginning to wonder if they are trying to tell me something. maybe they don't want to see my white trash porch anymore. hehe

now i'm off to take miranda to her dance performance. the word for today is crowded, i'm sure i will be able to find a pic for that there.

Wednesday, May 13


today was a better day :)

spent most of the day at k's house being crafty. i made a layout using the new kit from sc. i posted and guess what...fudged it up! left "of" off part of the small title...duh! k says no one will notice, but now you all know. hehe

i'm just taking a break from all the running around. i swear as soon as i pick those kiddos up it is CRAZY! i just took lg to her double hitter sball game out in peaster, (twenty minutes out of town). then brought miranda back into town for her practice. now i am home about to feed kimber and give her a bath so we can go rush back and pick up miranda. i will then bring miranda and kimber home so that kimber can get to bed. then head out to try to catch the last of the second game for lg. WHEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

later :)

Tuesday, May 12

sad and bad day

- heard horrible news dear old friend from east tx...her stepson tried to take his life last night. he is only 16 maybe 17 years old. have not talked to her yet...not sure what to even say.

- hurt one of my dearest friends feelings...need to get foot permanently glued into mouth

- fil is not doing well...he went to doctor today...have not heard anything yet...he told my hubs this morning he is so ready to die. he has been in so much pain for the last ten years that i don't blame him.

- mother is sending many guilt waves my way

- i drove by our old lss store that closed about a year and a half ago and saw this...

i know it sounds silly but this store meant more to me than just a place to scrap. and to actually see it gutted...ick! i feel so sad :(

Thursday, May 7

Tuesday, May 5

Monday, May 4

don't fotget your teachers tomorrow!

still working on these dang...i mean wonderful goodies bags for teacher appreciation day tomorrow

Sunday, May 3

just a little scrappin

laura gale was trying really hard not to drop the eggs. it was too funny!

this is the cake karen made for my bday...

that's all for now

Friday, May 1

so sorry

no pics of mr. owen :(

couldn't find my camera for days...and where was it? in the car where i left it. duh!!!

anywho, it has been a long week. now i'm trying to get motivated to make 50 cupcakes for kimber's soccer party tomorrow. hope it doesn't rain. i really want to see her play since i missed the last one. she has improved so much this season!

after soccer we have another six hours straight of softball. lg plays first then miranda and then lg again. at least they are playing at the same place. whew...i'm tired already ;)

next week is teacher appreciation week so i have to put together 60 goodie bags for all the teachers at miranda's school. don't have a clue what i'm doing for lg and kimber's teachers. ugh!

i officially retired today from any and all volunteering next year. i need a year off!

no chairing this or that! no one thinks i will stick to it but I AM! i'm so burned out.

off to start the cupcakes...