Tuesday, December 30

taking advice

from alieda...

one of the last things i remember her talking about was stepping out of our comfort zone and being in the pictures and not just taking them. i made a point to take a pic with all my girls. so here are some pics from christmas...

my prayers and thoughts are with alieda's precious family. may God bless them!

i hope they know that there are many of us out here thinking of them this holiday


here are a few more from christmas...

kimber all ready to go to aunt suzie's house christmas day

don't know why...just love this one of miranda...

it was laura gale's turn to play santa and pass out gifts this year...

now i just have to scrap them!

have a wonderful and safe new year!

Tuesday, December 23

a bunch of pics (and a wii fit!)

today was a busy day!

ken decided to take laura gale out to the deer lease late last night so it was just miranda and kimber today. and the shocker...they didn't fight all day. last night miranda "let" kimber watch a movie in her room and they ended up having a sleepover. today while i was in between dusting the ceiling fans and doing laundry i looked over and they were playing uno together! oh wait it gets better...miranda painted kimber's finger nails. miranda made a cake for santa and let kimber help. even gave her a spoon to lick. they decorated ornaments together too. miranda made them both lunch without me even asking her to. i'm in bit of shock to tell ya the truth.

here is little miss kimber and her neon pink finger nails

here is miranda's (and kimber's) cake for santa

i forgot the cookie stuff at walmart the other day and i was not going out just for that so miranda came up with the idea for a cake. yes, there is a corner missing. i couldn't resist! i love plain cake without icing! the girls asked me who ate it and i told them it must be that same little ghost that leaves all the lights on in the house and leaves all his dirty socks everywhere for the dog to eat.

ken and laura gale got home around 5:00. this was the first time she spent the night out there. the last time they went, they ended up having to come home all most as soon as they got there. she was just yapping away about how cold it was and how they got up at 4:30. ken took some great pics but they were on a disposable camera. she showed me the pics of her gutting {{{yuck}}} the deer. and the big hog dad had to kill cause it was eating all the deer corn. and how dad shot the deer but it jumped back up and ran off so she had to "track" it down. she just loved not having to take a bath and going "potty" outside. ken taught her how to shoot a 22(?) rifle. here is her target practice thingamajig

she was so proud. 11 out 15 isn't bad for her first time. i think she is all the "boy" i can handle! i was so worried about her out there in the cold and when ken said he was going to teach her to shoot...lordy i just about fainted! let's just say lg is a little (very) clumsy. she trips over her own feet!

anywho, after dinner we made our gingerbread house...

and a few...um...other creations...

miranda's creation:

lg's creation:

kimber's creation:

so ken is out doing last minute shopping. every year he says "here is what we have to spend on each of them for christmas and not a penny more!" i just smile and say "ok honey."and every year, last year it was christmas eve, he goes out and spends more because he doesn't want one to feel bad cause someone got more than the other. god love him!

i finally got in the christmas spirit today. i guess baking, wrapping gifts and a gingerbread house will do it. now i'm just waiting for ken to walk through the door with the last minute gifts.



holy crap! my husband just walked in with a wii fit! i've been stalking four stores everyday, three times a day waiting for their "shipment" to come in.

he was at best buy in the ds game isle looking for a game and one of the employees came up next to him and said "don't know how we missed this one" and puts it right down next to him on the self. someone must have put it back in the wrong place cause he came from the front of the store. anywho, the lady helping my husband looked at him (in shock) and he looked at her (in shock. he just made her go to the back to check for one) my husband didn't say a word, didn't finish looking for the game just picked it up all quite like so one else in the store would see and try to grab it from him and walked to the front to check out.

the same thing happen last year on christmas eve at target when he was trying to find a wii. they "missed" one in the back.

damn he's good! maybe i should send him out every year by himself to do all the shopping!

Saturday, December 13

i made this today for miranda's friend. we are giving her a gift card for her birthday and i wanted to make something cute. (those are miranda's fingers holding it for me. only a teenager could get away with black and hot pink polish on the tips)

thanks for the idea deanne!!!

Thursday, December 11

oh happy days

i didn't realize how much i missed scrapping until last night. i had to do a challenge for basb. here is what i came up with...

it is a really good challenge. go over and check it out!


dang it! i knew i would mess it up some how! i put one of the lines from the movie on there twice!

duh!!!! oh well

Friday, December 5

gee whiz

keep your pants on karen! here it is...

here we are going to see twilight at 10:00 at night like a couple of teenagers. damn that bella, she got in the way of our edward!

fun times k!

Tuesday, December 2

twilight tuesday!

yep, going to see it again! tonight will be the third time. got karen to go with me this time. had to twist her arm though...NOT! hee hee.

been trying to catch up around here. having the whole house sick at the same time was not fun. some how, being a family of five, we have lucked out. only one or two of us gets sick at a time. this was the first time we all had something. but we are bouncing back. the girls don't have to much to catch up on cause last week they only had two days of school and it was more fun stuff and real work. but the laundry...geeeeee whiz! it never ends around here but it was really bad. i'm down to only about two loads now.

i've also been trying to catch up on the yearbook i'm suppose to be doing for the younger girls school. this will be my 5th or 6th year to do it. and i'm really behind. i usually love it but it seems to get more stressful every year.

well i'm off to give kimber a bath and get everything i need to get done before my date with edward.

Monday, December 1


today my middle daughter turns nine!

well i guess it was technically yesterday cause i slept all day because my hubby so pleasantly gave me his cold. so i am still up at 2am! but she had a great day anyway. we started out at ihop having breakfast just the two of us. then i went back to bed and dad took her for "day with dad" they had a fun time. she made out like a bandit. all the girls seem to like the "day with dad" better than having a party. he is such a push over when it comes to them. me, i would have stuck to the budget but not dad. he loves to spoil them when he can. she loves her ipod! and all her other goodies. she wanted my "famous" chocolate pie instead of a cake. and since i was sick and sleeping most of the day miranda stepped up and made it for her.


and hopefully good night!

Saturday, November 29


in the terry house is sickly!

don't come near us!

...ken handed me his cold when we got back from TN. kimber has a stomach bug. she has it coming out of both ends. poor thing. and miranda and laura gale are starting to sneeze and get the sniffles. yuck! and on top of that aunt flo came to visit! i feel like crap! just thought i'd let you know!

i'm going back to bed!

Thursday, November 20


i'm so ready! only a few hours left before i go get in line for karen and myself. got to get there by 10:30. am i crazy or what?!?! i only got two hours of sleep last night and i have to get up to drive 9 hours to TN tomorrow but i don't care! ha ha

Wednesday, November 12


feeling a little worried tonite...

a couple of weeks ago ken, my hubby, was on his way back from houston and decided to stop and stay the night with his parents cause he was really tired and it was close to where he needed to be the next day for work. his dad has been suffering for years, long story, 5 or 6(lost count it might be more) back surgeries later, he can't feel half of his body and the half he does feel he can't move very well. he is in constant pain. his next step would be morphine, but he won't do it, cause he would basically be in bed 24/7. we have said it for a least 5 years now that we all think he won't last much longer. and we try to mentally prepare ourselves. but he keeps truckin along. never complains. ken has tried to come to terms with letting him go. and it has been hard watching him try. when he stayed the night he said his dad slept in the recliner and could only sleep about 15 minutes at a time. he said he looked so tired, not just from lack of sleep. my heart breaks for them both! when ken got home the following night he said he was ready to let him go. it took all he had to see his dad the way he did when he was there. i don't have the words to comfort him. i mean how can i? i've never lost someone so close to me. my heart aches for him. i myself can't imagine life without "pop pop". i'm so scared i won't know how to handle it when the time does come.

the hospital "says" they have been trying to reach him for TWO months. wtf!!! come on people a letter would have come faster! anyways, he has 90% blockage. don't know all the details yet but he has a surgery scheduled for tomorrow and another tuesday.


my grandmother has recently moved from PR to philadelphia due to health reasons. the best doctors for her "just" happen to be where my dad lives. (THANK YOU GOD). they found out what was causing the bleeding, after almost a year. she only has less than 30% of one kidney left and it was clogged with a mass. turned out to be cancer. they removed it. she is on chemo now. this all happen about three weeks ago. my brother only lives about 9 hours from me and has two young babies so she is there visiting for a month. we've been trying to get up there to see her. but one thing or another (money!) has stopped us. i got a call from my brother yesterday that she went to the hospital for chest pains. she had 75% blockage. she is resting now so i'm just waiting to hear from family.

Sunday, November 2

catching up

ok...life is starting to overwhelm me a bit. but that's life right? everyone can wright a book so i'm not gonna go there.

i had a lot of "proud mommy" moments this week and i thought i would share some pics...hubby took the younger ones out for halloween while i took miranda to the high school football game. she had to preform at half time. now i like football but i'm glad i brought a book. i waited two and a half hours to watch her for six minutes! but it was worth it. i was so proud. she did awesome! she is the one all the way to the right, back line.

sorry it so blurry but I HATE MY CAMERA! if it is not outside and sunny and still, i can't get a good pic! i soooo need a new camera >:(

so here are ms hannah montana and the storm trooper aka kimber and laura gale. same as every year, lg picked out a boy costume. god love her! she does make a pretty darn cute storm trooper though.

here is miranda at her last volleyball game on thursday. they finally won!!!! (again...crappy camera) she got just about every serve over. she is one of two setters on her team. she has come a long way since the start of school.

this is laura gale at her game on saturday and i think the private lessons are making a difference. i think we have a future catcher on our hands. she catches just about every ball that comes her way. she was great! even slide into home!

didn't get any pics of kimber's soccer game saturday morning. but she kicked some serious butt i tell ya! she was on fire! she didn't make any goals but she did a lot of passing and defending. she earned three patches from her coach.

miranda stayed with a friend sat night so i took the other two out for ice cream and made it a blockbuster night. hubby was, of coarse, at the deer lease. and he will be gone til thurs with work, so it is just me and the girls this week.


Saturday, November 1

Queen of Crap

yep, that's me...queen of crap for november. hop on over to SYC and take a look. i know halloween is over so don't be scared of that great big pic of me. i did a little jump back when i saw it...

anyways there will be a new challenge up soon so make sure you check it out!

i have some new pics of the girls i will post tomorrow....hopefully. been a little crazy over here. but volleyball ended last week so that is one less thing to stress over.


Thursday, October 23

my oh my

that's all i'm gonna say!


Monday, October 13


boy it seems my posts are getting fewer and fewer these days. i was good about it this summer. just so busy these days...

hubby and i had our 10 year anniversary friday. 10 years of bliss! ya right! we have been through hell and back! and close back to hell again. but we are here and happy. we went to a dinner and a movie. ( i so do not recommend "body of lies" to long and drawn out) you know i wouldn't go back to being young again for nothing. through my 34 years i've grown and learned a lot. i've learned things are not important, it is the people that are more important. i don't need to impress anyone. i need to cherish who i have in my life and not dwell on the past and what i don't have. i am so grateful for what i do have! i might not have everything i want but i have everything i need! i might bitch a lot but i have a hubby that loves me and i love him. even know we have our ups and downs, we have each other and three beautiful girls that i don't brag enough about. i tend to focus on negative things when i should be focusing on the good!

so here is to another 10 years babe! maybe 20 or 30 or more! love ya!

here are some pics... first kimber at her soccer game with her neon yellow striped hair to match her neon yellow uniform (which they won 3-2!) and the girls at the pumpkin patch that miranda was not happy about(can you tell by her face?) taking a group pic. i think she is getting to old for that kind of thing. she wanted nothing to with it. and i paid to much money for those dang pumpkins. 32 bucks! at least the money went to the church youth group for a mission trip. i could have saved about 20 bucks if i went to wally world. but i rather give my money to those kids going on a mission trip.

miranda apologized after we took the pic for being a snot about it. which i was thankful he realized the way she was acting. she wanted to take another pic and i told her no. this is how we would remember our trip to the pumpkin patch for 2008! ha! we always buy five pumpkins...a great big one for dad, a medium for me and three smaller sizes for the girls. kind of silly but i like seeing the five of us represented on the porch. it makes me feel good.

and miranda won her volleyball game thursday! wooo hooo! she was so proud!

had teacher conferences today. went much better than last year. no was there to tell me kimber was a "disturbance" or "disruptive" in class. laura gale made the a honor role and kimber is right where she needs to me, minus the wiggling and chit chatting. she doesn't get grades yet. next six weeks she will be given number grades. miranda made the a honor role also. she was stress a bit before report cards came out. but she did just fine. i am very proud of my girls!

anywho, i'm tired! so nite to ya'll!

Sunday, October 5

another weekend gone...

well found the remote yesterday! it was in the couch the whole week.

i'm so jealous of karen! she got to go scrap this weekend with our old scrappy friends here in town. i miss them so! hubby had to go to the deer lease and fill the feeders and do whatever the men do on the lease. so i cleaned the house and did some laundry...fun!!

kimber won her soccer game saturday. 5-1. she did very well. she is learning to be a team player. she did not make any goals but she helped her teammates get the ball where it needed to be to make a goal. she got two patches. her coach gives them these little soccer patches to put on their uniforms. she hands them out for winning, good team work, listening etc...then at our next practice she hands out star patches for the "mvp". it is a great motivator for the girls. this is a pic of kimber (bright neon yellow!) and her friend from school. they played against each other, and it was hard to keep them from chit chatting on the field!

miranda and laura gale didn't win their games. but they are improving so much! miranda is getting just about every serve over and laura gale is getting people out! i can't believe the change in both of them. i haven't taken any pics of lg's games cause they don't have their uniforms yet.

back to running tomorrow with karen. i'm actually starting to like it! i can't believe i'm saying that....weird. anywho she kicks my butt every time. she can go without stopping. i have to stop at least once and do the old lady fast walk to keep up with her. but i'm getting better.

Friday, October 3

where is the remote?

heck if i know!!!!!!

i haven't been able to watch my shows all week cause one of the kids lost the remote. of coarse know one knows who had it last. but all of them swear it wasn't them. thank goodness for tivo or whatever we have...dvr? don't care as long as it is recording. of all weeks...when all the new episodes are on! but really i've been to busy to watch it anyways! so i guess there is nothing to complain about.

karen and i have been running this week. i would have never thought i could run that far. 1.3 miles this morning! karen didn't stop, but i walked for about a minute than tried to catch back up to her. i would never do this on my own, so thanks k! i still can't imagine running 13 miles. i have a lot of work to do before dec.

tonight was another hectic thursday night. i'm really starting to hate thursdays more than mondays! i get so frustrated and flustered trying to get everyone where they need to be on time. lg had a softball game at 5:30. miranda's game started early...5:30 instead of 6 so that through me off a bit. and kimber's soccer practice was at 6:30. since i can't leave kimber alone at practice i only got to see a little bit of both lg's and miranda's game. i am seriously thinking about taking them all out of sports. i know it would be so wrong, but i can't keep this up. miranda's is with her school so it is not a problem with her getting to the games and i have a couple of mom's that bring her home for me. but i want to be there! and i can't take one out(kimber) and not the others. that wouldn't be fair so i guess i have to suck it up. i talked with kimber's coach and some other soccer mom's about leaving her there. but i made them promise to "yell" at her if she is not doing what she is suppose to be doing. so i might try it next tuesday to see how it works out before i try it on a thursday. lately all she wants to do is the splits and cartwheels!

and to top off my day...hubby is going to the deer lease this weekend! so there goes my scrappy weekend :( i really need a break!

after running with k and rushing to the gym for my workout, i barely had enough time to shower and get ready for my jr. high PTA meeting. had to leave that early so i could get kimber to the dentist. now i have to get ready for the elementary PTA meeting tomorrow. so good night! sleep tight!

oh i hear hubby coming home from poker...maybe he won! the deal is if he gets to play every thursday i get the profits! hehe

Tuesday, September 30

not much scrapping going on here :(

that's ok, cause i can catch up this weekend with my chicas! we are having another girly weekend. ya know drink... eat...scrap...hot tub...drink some more! can't wait!

Friday, September 26

long evening

geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i pooped!

(edited friday: oops! i mean "i'm" pooped hehe, sorry)

i didn't think this night would ever end! since the hubby is out of town i had to be in three places all in the same time. miranda had an away volleyball game, luara gale had a softball game and kimber had soccer practice. i didn't go to miranda's game because she rides the bus there and has the option of riding it back or going home with a parent. and what a game to miss...it was apparently the best game yet even though they lost. lots of action! she didn't get home til almost ten. i had a friend bring her home cause the other two were already in bed. she was going on and on about how close it was and how the coach keep telling her (yelling at her) "great job terry" "way to go terry" and "that's how you do it terry" sooooooooo proud of her right now. she works so hard getting up at 5:30 every morn and tries so hard to do what the coaches ask and tonight just proves to her that it pays off.

my plan was to take kimber to practice then leave to take lg to softball. well since i can't trust kimber to behave and listen to the coach while i'm not there, i decided to forget about soccer tonight. which was probably a bad idea since her first game is sat morning and she could use the practice. not just for skill but for discipline. she has the skill...holy moly she can kick butt out there on that field! let's just say don't get on her bad side by pushing or elbowing her cause she will take her time and wait for her revenge. not that we encourage that! but it is something fierce she has in her. it is kind of funny...she will be out on the field and just be standing there playing in the dirt, looking up at the sky, not paying attention but as soon as you call her name and get her attention, she is after that ball in a heart beat. she will chase someone down and steel the ball and take to the other end...but getting it into to goal is a different story. it always hits the post. i shouldn't say always, but 50% of the time.
but oh well, i can't do it all.
poor lg, while warming up before the game she got smacked in the eye with a hard throw from a teammate. the girl was maybe five feet from her and threw it as hard as she could. don't know why but i don't think it was intentional. so lg sat out the first inning. they lost as well, slaughtered is more like it. but lg played the best she has ever played. not one ball got passed her. she started out in the out field but then her coach put her on first. and boy did she shine! i was so proud cause she has been struggling so much. all the girls she plays with have been playing since t-ball and they are all 9 and 10 now. this is only lg's second season. she loves it but doesn't feel good enough. so this last week i found her a coach for private lessons. and after one lesson i can see the difference. mostly cause is getting some self esteem. we didn't get out of there til almost eight. so of coarse we were way off schedule (WHICH I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING) kimber is in bed by eight and lg by eight thirty. after baths and a couple of homework things that were "forgotten" they didn't get to bed til almost nine. they are the kind of kids that need their sleep! can't wait til morning...fun times ahead.
it is about 12:45 now. so i think i should go to bed. the one day i don't have to take any of my kids to school cause i trade on fridays with a friend and i decide to go running with karen! and down a busy street needless to say! where everyone is going to see my big old butt jiggling around! ahhhhh! why did i agree to this karen?!?! i really want to sleep in! i sooooooooo want to call you in the morn to cancel. but i won't! i promise! just be nice and take it easy on me :(

sorry, lately my post have way to long!

Tuesday, September 23

i need some advice!!

there is the scoop...

my barely thirteen year old got a phone for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. she is a "textin" junkie! well yesterday i took it away because she was texting tacky things. nothing really bad just rude things that could have been avoided. so while her phone was in our room she received two texts. both the same. it was a forward thingy.

now you tell me if we over reacted.

this is what it said....

"send this 2 everyone and c what they think bout u

1 - friend

2 - friend w/benefits (yes you read that right!)

3 - my baby

4 - my bf/gf

5 - sexy

6 - cute"

WTH!!! i'm sorry that really shocked us. "friends with benefits" now we know what is out there and have discussed it in detail with miranda. we try to be very open and honest with her. probably to honest, but we rather her know the truth and be aware of things.

our reaction...my hubby texts the two girls who sent it to miranda and said..."this is miranda's dad. these are not appropriate questions for young ladies. do your parents know that you are forwarding these kinds of texts? they will." as soon as he was done with that he called the parents, just as a "fyi"

they both made excuse for their daughters. now i know my daughter pretty well, but if someone was trying to tell me what she did or didn't do...i'm not stupid...kids are kids. i would thank them for bringing it to my attention and i would take care of it. not make excuses and pretend they didn't mean any harm.

i really don't think the parents of any of the kids she goes to school understand what they are facing everyday. they just can't swipe things under the rug like nothing is going on. well i guess their kids are not my concern.

anywho, would you want a phone call letting you know about something like this or did we over react?

are we being to petty?