Saturday, November 29


in the terry house is sickly!

don't come near us!

...ken handed me his cold when we got back from TN. kimber has a stomach bug. she has it coming out of both ends. poor thing. and miranda and laura gale are starting to sneeze and get the sniffles. yuck! and on top of that aunt flo came to visit! i feel like crap! just thought i'd let you know!

i'm going back to bed!

Thursday, November 20


i'm so ready! only a few hours left before i go get in line for karen and myself. got to get there by 10:30. am i crazy or what?!?! i only got two hours of sleep last night and i have to get up to drive 9 hours to TN tomorrow but i don't care! ha ha

Wednesday, November 12


feeling a little worried tonite...

a couple of weeks ago ken, my hubby, was on his way back from houston and decided to stop and stay the night with his parents cause he was really tired and it was close to where he needed to be the next day for work. his dad has been suffering for years, long story, 5 or 6(lost count it might be more) back surgeries later, he can't feel half of his body and the half he does feel he can't move very well. he is in constant pain. his next step would be morphine, but he won't do it, cause he would basically be in bed 24/7. we have said it for a least 5 years now that we all think he won't last much longer. and we try to mentally prepare ourselves. but he keeps truckin along. never complains. ken has tried to come to terms with letting him go. and it has been hard watching him try. when he stayed the night he said his dad slept in the recliner and could only sleep about 15 minutes at a time. he said he looked so tired, not just from lack of sleep. my heart breaks for them both! when ken got home the following night he said he was ready to let him go. it took all he had to see his dad the way he did when he was there. i don't have the words to comfort him. i mean how can i? i've never lost someone so close to me. my heart aches for him. i myself can't imagine life without "pop pop". i'm so scared i won't know how to handle it when the time does come.

the hospital "says" they have been trying to reach him for TWO months. wtf!!! come on people a letter would have come faster! anyways, he has 90% blockage. don't know all the details yet but he has a surgery scheduled for tomorrow and another tuesday.


my grandmother has recently moved from PR to philadelphia due to health reasons. the best doctors for her "just" happen to be where my dad lives. (THANK YOU GOD). they found out what was causing the bleeding, after almost a year. she only has less than 30% of one kidney left and it was clogged with a mass. turned out to be cancer. they removed it. she is on chemo now. this all happen about three weeks ago. my brother only lives about 9 hours from me and has two young babies so she is there visiting for a month. we've been trying to get up there to see her. but one thing or another (money!) has stopped us. i got a call from my brother yesterday that she went to the hospital for chest pains. she had 75% blockage. she is resting now so i'm just waiting to hear from family.

Sunday, November 2

catching up is starting to overwhelm me a bit. but that's life right? everyone can wright a book so i'm not gonna go there.

i had a lot of "proud mommy" moments this week and i thought i would share some pics...hubby took the younger ones out for halloween while i took miranda to the high school football game. she had to preform at half time. now i like football but i'm glad i brought a book. i waited two and a half hours to watch her for six minutes! but it was worth it. i was so proud. she did awesome! she is the one all the way to the right, back line.

sorry it so blurry but I HATE MY CAMERA! if it is not outside and sunny and still, i can't get a good pic! i soooo need a new camera >:(

so here are ms hannah montana and the storm trooper aka kimber and laura gale. same as every year, lg picked out a boy costume. god love her! she does make a pretty darn cute storm trooper though.

here is miranda at her last volleyball game on thursday. they finally won!!!! (again...crappy camera) she got just about every serve over. she is one of two setters on her team. she has come a long way since the start of school.

this is laura gale at her game on saturday and i think the private lessons are making a difference. i think we have a future catcher on our hands. she catches just about every ball that comes her way. she was great! even slide into home!

didn't get any pics of kimber's soccer game saturday morning. but she kicked some serious butt i tell ya! she was on fire! she didn't make any goals but she did a lot of passing and defending. she earned three patches from her coach.

miranda stayed with a friend sat night so i took the other two out for ice cream and made it a blockbuster night. hubby was, of coarse, at the deer lease. and he will be gone til thurs with work, so it is just me and the girls this week.


Saturday, November 1

Queen of Crap

yep, that's me...queen of crap for november. hop on over to SYC and take a look. i know halloween is over so don't be scared of that great big pic of me. i did a little jump back when i saw it...

anyways there will be a new challenge up soon so make sure you check it out!

i have some new pics of the girls i will post tomorrow....hopefully. been a little crazy over here. but volleyball ended last week so that is one less thing to stress over.