Friday, January 30

gotta write this down

before i forget...

just another funny thing kimber said. while we were eating dinner tonight, miranda was telling us about a boy who always tells 'your momma' jokes at school. no i don't encourage those jokes, especially in front of her sisters. i didn't even know they still told those anymore. but i remember telling plenty as a kid. anywho, here is a tid bit of our convo:

miranda: your momma is so fat blah blah blah (don't remember it all, so i don't want to mess it up)

kimber: i think your skinny mom

lg: if anyone calls you fat i'll punch them in the face

kimber: yeah i'll hit them in their privates

i tried hard not to laugh but the way she said she meant it. i had to walk to the laundry room to control my laughter.

just wanted to jot this down so i wouldn't forget

Wednesday, January 28

kids home again

yesterday the roads where fine. and the kids stayed home from school. last night they said school would started a 10:00 today. well i looked out my door and saw this...

the roads are completely iced over. i just checked the news and they have decided to close school again. so kids are home. hopefully it will start to melt by noon because we have hardly any food in the house! wednesday is my usual shopping day so for today, granola bars it is! (for breakfast, snack etc..)

Tuesday, January 27


by karen...the task is to choose the 6th folder from wherever you store your photos on your computer. then choose the 6th pic and tell a story about it.

i had to drive this little red car after a nasty car wreck. i remember it so well because my girls were in the back seat and asked me how to put the windows down...the windows had handles. heehee

we are so spoiled! now i tag gina, anilu, judi, jenn, anne and mandee

Monday, January 26


not that kind of quickie! my hubby thought the same thing. ha! sorry, no luck babe!

anywho, just a quick post about the past week...

took lg to neurologist. i feel a lot better talking to the doctor. he was wonderful and answered all my questions. she started meds on saturday. i will have to call the doctor though. she is like a zombie. this is her in the waiting area

miranda got her nikeid's in the mail that she designed herself and spent all her christmas money on. (notice the bangs. teehee)

ken went to the doc thursday and found out he had strep. joy! it has been fun following him around with the lysol can and lysol wipes. seriously! i don't need that crap. he was confined to the bedroom unless the girls were in bed. and i clean everything he touched or even thought about breathing on. so far so good. no one else has gotten sick.

kimber, well kimber is kimber. no major events this week. just the usual everyday battles.

finally finished up the yearbook (three days late). oh well. next deadline is due in march so i'm taking a break.

took miranda and three of her friends to the movies friday night. saw bride wars. it was pretty good. a bit much for her age but i guess i have to let her grow up some. i had to stay back like i wasn't 'with' them. that was fine by me until i saw those 'boys'! i tell ya, i wanted to slap a couple of them in the head! it shocked me a bit to actually see them gawking at my child. staring at her butt, not just looking, staring!!! oh geezzzzzzz! glad dad didn't take her.

went to karen's little man owen's birthday sunday. i can't believe he is two! i remember karen's shower like it was last week. we had it here and my biggest memory was kimber knocking over a candle (a red one) five minutes before everyone was suppose to be here! the wax is still in my carpet.

karen got me hooked on facebook today. another addiction, just what i needed!

Sunday, January 25


i can't upload any photos to the basb's mb so i'm putting my pod for the last few days up here. (i'm a little cranky today)

jan 22nd - hands

this is miranda's hand with mine. she has grown up so fast! that hand use to fit in the palm of mine! ewww and look at all my wrinkles! my hands use to be as smooth and soft as hers :(

jan 23rd - sweet

i was going to take a pic of some hersey kisses, but denise beat me to it. so i snapped a pic of the girls sneaking some of my favorite chocolate thin mint cookies.

jan 24th - water

here is my shower head. i love this thing! i installed it myself without husband's help. he wouldn't know what to do anyways ;)

jan 25th - crooked

this is my kitchen window. you can barely tell but my blinds are crooked. it drives me crazy i tell ya!

Monday, January 19

long weekend

the kids are out today for mlk. so it's been a long weekend. we really didn't do much. ken took me out to dinner saturday while miranda did the babysitting. oh the joy of having a teenager! had to much to drink at dinner and was feeling the after affects sunday.
after lunch i took the girls to get hair cuts. the younger ones needed it pretty bad but miranda didn't. so i told her if she wanted one she could use her own money. let me just say it is all drama when she gets a hair cut. it is never what she wants. so our rule is if she gets it cut there is no complaining. i don't want to hear it! well she decided to get just a trim and cut her bangs. i knew going in she would not like how her bangs would turn out. but you know as a mother, they never listen to ya. when we got in the car i could tell she didn't like it. i told her to say something now because once we leave the parking lot there is nothing i could do. she said it was fine. ok. later she leaves to go to spend the night with a friend. and as soon as she left a thought popped in my head 'she is going to cut her bangs' and i thought of calling her and telling her not to touch them but for some reason i decided not to. she texts me later in the night a told me what she did. yep she cut them! we as adults have all done this and know hair grows back. well in the eyes of a 13 year old it is the end of the world. 'everyone is going to make fun of me' she said. i told her she made the decision to cut them so she has to live with it. they really don't look as bad as she made it sound. yeah they are a little choppy but nothing to dramatic.

on to more exciting news...BASB has it's new challenge by ki. you can only use 'ONE' piece of pp. no card stock. nada. go on over and check it out. there's a nice rak too! here is my layout...

and the word prompt for today's potd is 'DREAM'. you can go to the mb and see all the prompts for this week. i've have done 18 straight days so far. i know that is not a lot but for me it is. i must say i'm very impressed with myself. i don't always use the prompts but they help a bunch! so thanks denise!

EDIT: those sunglasses k is wearing...the dog ate them today. along with a pair of gap jeans, underwear and a couple of socks!

i thought since one of the basb gals pointed out that it was national popcorn day, my potd...

those are not bruises on kimber's arm. these two have been grounded to their rooms most of the day for beating the crap out of each other with their shoes and throwing the remote at each other. kimber got into her sister's stamps and decided to decorate herself. how she got into her sister's stamps while she was ground to her room, you ask. ????? your guess is as good as mine!

Wednesday, January 14

trip to michael's

well today was a good day!

started off at the gym. in the past two months i've lost 2.25 inches and almost 4 pounds. slowly but surely getting there. the weight would probably come off faster if i stay away from i hop. but this morning my good friend sheree asked karen and i to meet her for breakfast. how could i resist girl time!? anywho, we ended up at michael's. here is my photo of the day...

i also bought a couple of punches, ribbon and some christmas clearance stuff. the nice lady at the register gave me a coupon towards one of my punches but i still spent way to much money! i started to have buyers remorse but then i thought about it and decided nahhh ;) besides my kit from sc, i haven't bought anything scrappy in months so what the heck.

then i went to walmart to do my grocery shopping and was under my budgeted amount. yeah! had a good conversation with lg's teacher. she failed her six weeks math test. ouch! but her teacher put my mind at ease. we worked out a plan to help her. and while waiting for the girls to get out of school i got to read some of my new book. gotta love that stephanie plum! although i prefer ranger, diesel is back! don't know if ranger will show up. (fingers crossed) morelli has showed up a couple of times but not a lot.

didn't follow today's prompt for basb's pod, it was "tangled". i keep my eye open all day for a good pic. nothing popped out at me. tomorrow should be easier though, it is "brown".

FYI - tomorrow the winner of challenge #4 should be announced and challenge #5 will be posted too.

Tuesday, January 13

any plum fans out there?

look what i'm going to buy tomorrow!
plum spooky

Sunday, January 11


# 4 for BASB, going green!

i took an old popcorn tin we got for christmas two years ago and turned it into a trash can for my scrap area. it didn't turn out exactly the way i imagined it but i tried.

i emptied all my patterned paper from my scraps and punched out scalloped squares and just started gluing them down. i used all my patterned scraps! so now all i have left in my paper scraps are solids. i also used up some old alphas i've had for years that i would not have ever used. added some old ribbon and buttons etc. and poof i have a new trash can! my oldest daughter tried to snatch it from me so i guess it turned out ok.

old popcorn tin:

new trash can:

if you haven't checked out the other basb crew's creations i promise you won't be disappointed! so head on over and have a look. there is a great rak too!

Wednesday, January 7

catch up pods

yesterday the prompt on the BASB board for the 365 POD was perfect. my pic was of a "perfect" pair of rain boots at a "perfect" price. they were on sale for$13. (reg. $45) good deal if you ask me. and they were just waiting for me. they were the last pair they had and they were my size! had to have them...

and here is my pic for today. prompt was humor. kimber lost another tooth at school. she said her friend pulled it out for her. yuck! some other kids fingers in my kids mouth! anywho, this tooth has been ready to come out for over a month now. i love it when i see my kids toothless smiles. it makes me giggle!

can't wait for tomorrow, the prompt is green. my favorite color!!!

Monday, January 5


i think i might be taking this POD thing a little to far. the prompt from the basb board was sign. so i took my camera with me when i left this morning to take the kids to school, thinking i was going to take a pic of my fav drink stop...

then after i went to the gym i thought i would treat myself to a pedi. a sign of reward don't know just cause i haven't had one in a year.

well i should have taken this for a sign not to cause i had to put my flip flops on to walk to the car.

or this one...

when there is ice hanging from my roof two days after it was 80 degrees out all i wanted to do is put some warm fuzzy socks on. well can't do that after a pedi. my toes are still numb!

but my last photo is a sign that i need some new clothes! a year ago these fit nice and snug. now it just looks like i have a load in my pants ;)

the day is only half over so maybe i'll have a few more later.

Saturday, January 3


here is my photo for the day...

laura gale came inside and asked if i could make her and her friends a picnic lunch. they wanted to eat it at their fort. so i packed up some pb&j's and some other goodies and off they went. the weather here has been wonderful. lg has been outside with her friends just about everyday since school has been out. i hardly see her. she comes home to grab a snack and off she goes again til it starts to get dark. they have been working on building a fort around the corner. i must say it is pretty impressive.

ahhh to be a kid again :)