Wednesday, August 27

ok, i'm back

it has been almost a week since i posted!

i read the whole series of the twlight books in 9 days! lost another 4 pounds, probably cause i didn't take my nose out of those dang books to eat! what will i do now? oh maybe my family would like me back ;)

have plenty to do. i have to catch up on scrappin for sure! i've neglected my volunteering so i feel kind of guilty. but i can get over that real easy.

school started on monday. i took miranda to the jr. high first so that she could meet her friends early. i snapped a pic but by the time i looked up she was gone...without even a goodbye! this is her with her friend natalie(left)...

then i took laura gale and kimber to their school...

it hit me after i walked them in that miranda was no longer there. i could send them off to school last year with a peace about it, silly i know but it was like she watched over them. if anything happened she would know what to do cause she is the oldest. this year i have to give that over to laura gale...well that is scary! jk but i did shed some tears in the parking lot. for some reason i have never cried leaving them at school. not even when they went to kindergarten. i don't think i did anyway. can't remember.

anywho, i've got a lot to catch up on and kimber starts soccer practice tomorrow night. miranda will find out friday if she made the volleyball team. (fingers crossed!) i'm not sure when lg's softball starts. guess i need to check in to that before it is to late!

Thursday, August 21

just have a minute

before i have to head out for a busy day.

i was up til 3:30 last night reading those silly books! i haven't thought about scrappin in awhile! i'm so hooked. i thought i saw edward at the mall yesterday in the big gap ad they had in the window! ha!

anyways, all school shopping is done! thank god! cause i don't think i could spend another six hours shopping with four girls ever again! fun but draining! especially when my six yr old wouldn't listen to me! i must have said a million times "kimber don't touch...kimberly DON'T TOUCH!" but i made it through!

off to go volunteer at the schools for most of the day....then i got to get home to see what edward and bella are up to! he he

Tuesday, August 19

i'm stepping out

of my box. i am not a reader. i do not enjoy reading. i feel like i'm a slow reader. sometimes, most of the time, i have to read a sentence twice to understand it. that is why i don't read, it makes me feel dumb! but i'm trying...i saw the trailer for the movie twilight ( thanks jenn ) and after all the hype about these books i decided to try. karen started the first one sunday so that make me even more curious, cause she said she couldn't put it down. so when i was at the store yesterday doing my coupon shopping i saw the first two on sale. so i grabbed them. thinking they would probably just collect dust. but my hubby saw them and got excited cause he is a vampire book- movie freak! so karen gave us the one she just finished and we sat together in the living room last night after the kids went to bed. we read from 9 til after 12! he had to go to bed cause he had to get up for work...but i stayed up til almost 1:30 reading! me reading! i was truly shocked when i looked at the clock. hubby is out of town this week so he took his copy with him. we promised not to spoiled it for each other. but it was really nice to sit with him, even know we hardly said a word. you could hear one of us snicker a couple of times but that was about it.

now on to scrappin stuff! here is ONE of my layouts for STM. i say one cause this song has got me inspired to do two layouts. this one is of my nanny. she recently moved from puerto rico back to the states because of her health. don't know how much longer i will have her in my life, but i'm glad she is here in the states. it is much cheaper to visit philly than it is puerto rico. anywho, here it is...

Sunday, August 17

baby girl

my baby girl turned six yesterday. she will start 1st grade a week from tomorrow! i can't believe how time flies. i know everyone says that, but it's not until a big event happens that i realize it. we wanted to take her to sea world cause she just loves "willy". but it wasn't in the budget this time of year with getting three girls ready for school. we were very sad and felt like we failed her as parents but there was nothing that could be done about it.
so her day started out having breakfast with mom at ihop. she got to have the big pancake with the smiley face, of coarse she didn't eat it all. then the ladies at ihop sang to her and gave her an ice cream sundae, yes a sundae at 8:30 am. but hey it was her b-day. and she didn't eat much of it either. (she ate most of my eggs and bacon) then we went to pick out her cake. while we were there i thought a balloon might be nice. yeah right! you see this one she is sings...the wonderful hannah montana song! over and over again. shhhhh don't tell hubby it cost $13.99! can you believe i paid that much for a freakin balloon! i didn't think it would be near that much...guess i should have check the price first. but anywho it was her b-day. and that horse she is holding was only five! doesn't make sense, oh well!
after we got home dad took her for a day of fun. they went to the toy store and he told her she get whatever she wanted...can you tell we were feeling guilty?
she decided on a "ds". she has wanted one for two years now, but we never got her one cause she doesn't take care of her things very well. one of her sisters passed down her old gameboy but it just not the same. so she got one of her very own!
then he gave her a choice of a movie or chuck e cheese, she picked chuck e cheese of coarse! ewwww hate that stinky germy place. glad it was dad and not me! hee hee
so all in all she had a great day.
and now her sisters both say they don't want a party either, they just want to go to breakfast with me and go shopping with dad! so that will be easy! miranda's b-day is in a couple of weeks, she will be 13. she is already planning her day. dad said he would be her chauffeur (sp?) and carry all of her shopping bags. she is so excited!

after dinner and cake, the girls put on a fashion show so dad could see where all his hard earned money went. it was fun. but we have to do more shopping this week. not looking forward to taking three girls to the mall again!

today we attempted to go to church...again...didn't happen. will try again next week! but today has been good. my hubby is such a music lover, from rap to bee gees! (he will die if he reads this, bee gees is his all time fav. it is his little secret!) one of our favorite things to do is let the girls listen to songs we grew up on. some of today's picks and debbie gibson! ok those were my picks! gosh they brought back some memories! then we looked up material girl, cause the girls listen to the new version by ali and aj, or whoever sings it now. so we showed them the original. they didn't like it. laura gale and dad had a dance off! then we were all laughing so hard cause hubby looked up some michael jackson's songs...beat it, bad, thriller. (miranda had a couple of questions about "mr. jackson") but the best part is, remember weird al? well we looked up his video's of "eat it" "fat" and "like a surgeon" omgosh!!! it was so much fun.

anyway, that has been our weekend! we are going to start our "back to school" schedule tomorrow. FUN! not! it won't be so hard for the younger two cause they have never learned to sleep in! but it will be tough for miranda cause she is like me. we can sleep til noon! so that means i have to get back on schedule too. no more staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning anymore. i hope to get a layout done today also, so i will post it later if i get a chance.

EDIT: here ya for creative scrppers #13

Friday, August 15

to funny!

MyHeritage - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" "

found this over here at this gals blog. thought it was funny. look...they think i look like peneolpe cruz and jessica alba! HA! yeah right in my dreams! or should i say my hubby's dreams! ( the one you can't see is julie andrews. now is that an insult or complement?

ok this was to funny, i had to do it again. come on people really, laura bush! thanks a lot. and melissa joan hart? the one you can't see is juliet lewis


this is for deanne's aug 1st challenge

SYC got me to use those micro beads for last weeks challenge and i can't seem to put them up! i guess that is a good thing, using up old stuff is the purpose, except they are all over my floor, table and i even found some in my socks! yes, my socks, don't know how. now i remember why i hate those dang beads!

rain, rain

yeah! if finally rained!

the clouds have been teasing us for days now. i keep thinking it was going to rain and it never did. but before i went to bed last night i noticed it was raining! wooohooo! we really need it.

last night after my long ass, horrible day, won't get in to details, i decided to put everything aside for the night. i got three cards made and a layout done. i feel so much better! scrappin is my therapy. i will post them later if i get a chance!


EDIT: this is for sisterhood, 52 sketches, deanne and STM

wow four in one! now that school is getting started i have to combine them!!!

EDIT: (again)

holy poop! (as my daughter would say) i just added up how many layouts i've done this year. i'm shocked! 71 layouts, 5 double page layouts and 8 cards. i wonder how many i will get done by the end of the year?

Wednesday, August 13


but the freakin pta won't let me!

i am so worn out! i came home this afternoon and crashed for about an hour. woke up in a panic cause i had to be back up there again tonight by 5:30. and of coarse i was late. didn't get home til nine. i've got the scrap bug real bad! i have so many layouts i want to work on. i planned on going to the gym early tomorrow and coming home and scrap the day away...nope, not going to happen. just realized i have another pta meeting for the other school at 10am. then we have dentist appt. and physical therapy for my wrist. and at some point i have to do my three hour grocery shopping trip. hubby is out of town til friday, so he can't help. i've already used karen enough this week. she has kept kimber for me while the other two and i went to the school. we don't have anything for breakfast tomorrow...ahhhhhhh. i think i am going to bed!

Tuesday, August 12

what ya think???

i'm so freakin excited! i love my new look!

look what she did with the pic at the top. that has to be my fav!!! and the scalloped edges...just yummy!

if your looking for someone to fix your blog up or start a website for your business...she is the one! and her prices are very reasonable.

check her out here

Sunday, August 10

quiet sunday

not doing much today. we were suppose to go to church this morning...well we got up late. i keep hitting the snooze button. miss kimber has kept us up for the past two nights. arrghhh! she has been watching to many scary movies lately. her sisters are old enough to watch them, but they forget she is only five, (six next weekend!) and she can't watch the same things. so "lord of the rings" and "the mummy returns" have been keeping her from sleeping!

here are two layouts i've been working on...boy i pulled out some old paper for these! i've been hoarding that mme bohemia forever! i just loved it!

this one is for got sketch #66

and this one for adrienne

off to make lunch for the kids. they have reminded me eight times that i am thirty minutes late on delivering it to them.

EDIT: here is one i just finished for deanne's blogoversary

i took the advice of a fellow blogger. i hate having my picture taken. but she is right, they will have scrapbooks of memories and i won't be in them! so here i am no make up and looking crossed eyed! and yes she is my daughter, my puetro rican genes passed her by. she is so worried all the time because she is so pale. she thinks it is a curse! hee hee

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Saturday, August 9

new blog look

so sorry for all the miss match colors! it is under construction by my bff karen. can't wait to see what she does. i told her to do anything she wants!

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Thursday, August 7

thursday already!

this is what happens when you leave your NEW flip flops out after your mother tells you a million times to put them up so the new puppy won't get them...

we had to got to pet smart last night and i told kimber to go get her shoes on. well you saw what happen to her new ones. so she comes out with these. i tried not to giggle, she said she couldn't find two that matched. so this is how she went.

anywho, this is for STM and 52 sketches

congrats deanne on your blogoversary! check her out!

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Wednesday, August 6

better day

ok, haven't posted anything in a couple days cause i've had nothing to nice to say...our roof and fence drama has stressed me out beyond belief! it has been a week today that it all started and it is finally over! i wish people would do what they say they would do and have a little pride in doing it. that's all i'm going to say...those issues have been packed away in a suitcase and i hope i never have to unpack them.

oh, and school doesn't start til the 25th and i'm up to my eyeballs in stuff to do for the pta! i'm on the board at both of the kiddos school this year. i think my scrappin' days are going to start getting shorter and shorter. i don't mind doing it, i actually like doing it. i just hate all the bs and politics that go along with it. that suitcase will never be closed!

so today was a good day, karen and i went to our friend's house to swim. the same lady who invited us to her house this past weekend to scrap. she is so damn nice. she built her garage into a scrap room! holy cow! you would not believe this place! she gave us her "secret code" to her gate and said we could go over anytime and swim with our kids, so we did just that. we were there for almost two hours, kids are playing and screaming and just having a ball. when we were loading up to leave, here she comes out the front door! she was there sleeping the whole time. she didn't even hear the kids! i hope we didn't wake her! anywho she is the sweetest thing and she has some stories from her childhood that would make you pee your pants. she is a bit older than k and i. she has 12 other bros and sis. she told us a story about her "step ins" (underwear). her mom made them out of burlap sacks! can you imagine how itchy that was! anyway, she is a hoot!

after lunch i took kimber and laura gale over to k house while i went to physical therapy for my wrist. btw, miranda is at church camp. she will not be home til friday. now i'm sitting in my new computer/scrap space about to finish up a SYC and creative scrappers layout.

loving my new space!!!!

oh! one other suitcase that needs to be packed...someone stole our cheapy $30 blow up pool! since our fence was gone i guess they thought they could come take what they wanted. i took the dogs out sunday around 10:30pm and it was there. then took them out before i went to bed around 1:30am and it was gone. they had a lot of nerve cause my lights were on and everything. i just couldn't believe it. it was pretty windy out so i thought it might have blown down the street. i got a flash light and walked up and down the sidewalk looking for it. couldn't find it so i know someone took it. how could you steal a kiddy pool, take it home and let your kids play in it???? do people just not have a conscience(sp?) anymore?

well, what do you think i found on the other side of my house yesterday morning...the pool! does that make any sense? i'm thinking it was some teenagers and their parents told them to bring it back. that is the only thing i can come up with. ok that is packed away too!

off to scrap!

EDIT: here is my layout

look at me trying to be all karenish and take different pics of my layout! hee hee

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Sunday, August 3

ok, ready for this

here is what i did this weekend,

beside swim, sit in the hot tub, drink beer and eat way to much!

this was for creative scrappers...

this one is for 52 shetches #29...

this one is for STM...

this one is for SYC , "inspiration" i used scrapbook etc. july 08, page 28 layout by laina lamb
and "what makes me happy"... oops i forgot who this was for, i'll have to look it up and let ya know later.
(EDIT: it was for sisterhood july 31)

this one is for design experiment and got sketch #65...

another for 52 sketches #30...

and finally this one is for pencil lines 95 and sisterhood...(sisterhood's was to use a pic that is over 20 years old)

i know some of these are late, but i still wanted to share.

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Friday, August 1

off i go

for a scrappy weekend! be back on sunday! hope everyone has a great weekend!

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