Tuesday, June 30

home sweet home

tried loading pictures from cruise...computer is not wanting to load them...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, June 15


just what someone needs 6 days before a cruise, right???

sprained my ankle pretty darn good in the first five minutes of the game last night. i think my soccer career is over for now...so sad :(

Tuesday, June 9

are you sure it's summer?

it has been crazy around here...whewwwwwwwww

here are some pics from the last few days...

kimber and i went to the "free" movie this morning. i've never seen flushed away, even though we own it...i thought it was pretty funny

this is lil miss kimber having a one member sleepover last night cause her sisters were both gone spending the night with friends

this is my soccer game sunday night...no that is not me...but we are the blue team.

stopping by to see bee on my shopping spree day saturday

this is lg after her morning softball game saturday

this is lg catching at her game friday night

swimming at bee's friday afternoon

lg having a refreshing PURE SUGAR drink thursday.

maybe i'll get some scrapping done soon :)

Thursday, June 4

someone stop me

here is another one...

got sketch 85, i believe.

simple but done :)

Wednesday, June 3


now i remember how i made it through last summer....duh....scrappin! here is one i just did for syc. picture is ick but it's done. i used TWO packages of elsie lola chip buttons :)


here is another one for the basb'ers...we were suppose to use a photo without a person in it. i get teased a lot from my family for taking random pics. they are always asking me "why are you taking a picture of that?" well...i really don't know. i just like taking pictures :P

monkey bars, cheese its, glass of soda and my shorts ( i kind of use the pencil lines 135 for this)

that was an easy one ;)

Tuesday, June 2

all about me

there is a new challenge up over here.

here are the rules i copied from dawn... what!?! i'm giving her the credit... ;)

"The challenge this time around, is a 'All About YOU'. Yes, YOU! Not the mom, girlfriend, sister, wife, co-worker, etc. that you are-Just YOU. What are YOU like? What makes YOU unique? Create a LO, a project, a mini or what ever you wish. The only requirement is that it is about just YOU. I think you get it now."

this is my layout...