Monday, June 30

so many challenges

that i forgot which one this one was for

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Sunday, June 29

adrienne's sketch challenge

took karen's advice and took a pic of my layout outside on the porch. came out much nicer than the others, don't ya think.

this is for adrienne's sketch challenge.

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Saturday, June 28

last post of the day

promise! this is for pencil lines sketches. (blurry! i know!)
i'm going through some old photos, and i can't believe how my kids have grown!
i got my digital camera christmas 06, i think. this last christmas all i wanted was my hubby to get my old film developed. that doesn't sound like a lot to ask for, but i had about 40 rolls. long story short, he really shocked me and had my daughter help him sneak them out of the house. even the photo guy said that it was the most he'd ever seen one person develop at once. my hubby then asked him about giving him a discount, yep, and he got it too. the guy took off the tax. which was almost $35!
ok back on track...
i'm just looking at their little faces and think about how fast time is going by. i need to cherish it more and stop bitching about how they don't do this or won't stop doing that.
i know i will probably complain on my next post, so forgive me in advance, but i'm going to try not to.
i'm a blessed woman. i have a wonderful husband, who loves me for who i am right now, not for what i was or what i looked like when we got married. he works hard so i don't have to. i have three healthy, precious girls who are pretty well rounded. i have a beautiful house to live in and a nice car to drive. we don't ever "need" for things. yes, i am blessed!

(you can leave me a nasty comment in the future if i get out of line)

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my friend, yea she's my friend, was published for the first time!

check her out! here

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"just me and you mom"

that is how kimber wants everyday to be. both of her sisters had plans this weekend. so from 9:30 am friday til noon today, it was just us. we went over to our friends house for the afternoon. i would say my friend, karen, but kimber loves "miss karen" . she had michael all to herself. when we go over there she usually has to fight for his attention with her sis laura gale. they had a great time swimming, watching a movie, playing the wii, eating, and eating some more and changing a baby diaper. yes, that's right. while karen and i were visiting they decided owen needed his diaper changed. i must say they did a good job. here is a pic of them feeding owen and watching a movie anyway, after we left there we had dinner together, "just the two of us mom", she kept saying that over and over. then she wanted to watch tv because when her sisters are here she never gets the remote. while i scrapped, she feel asleep on the couch hugging the remote. even when i picked her up to take her to bed she wanted to sleep with it.
today, after we had a special breakfast together, we ran around town...returning movies, going to lunch and going to walmart. i got her a blow up pool at walmart, i sat by the pool, cause of my bum wrist. if it wasn't for that i would have been in it with her in a heart beat. we were out there for about two hours! she is such a different kid when her sisters are not around. usually i am complaining about what she did, but at this moment she is perfect. our time together was priceless. time i will never forget!

later her sis wanted to join the fun, so while i went to scrap this was my view...
i'm off now to finish one more challenge.

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deanne's challenge

this is a challenge for a rak at .she has some great ideas, especially for cards, if you want to check her out. again sorry for the crapy pic...damn camera!

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Friday, June 27

Scrap Your Crap challenge

talk about crap... i used old am and doodlebug. this challenge was to use at least 2 old boarders. i couldn't find any so i used some chipboard, felt, transparency and stickers. hope it passes!

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HMITM challenge

this challenge called for using every letter of the alphabet.

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testing 1...2...3

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Wednesday, June 25

love/hate relationship

with "moon sand". hate it because it gets into every crack on our wood floors. i still can't get out of the floors from last summer. and they never clean it up! well we got another one for one of the girls birthday last fall and i refused to let them play with it. they bring it out every now and then and ask to play with it. and i always say no. since i have a hard time getting them to play outside, i told them they could play with it only if they do it outside. now i love moon sand! they have been out there yesterday and today for at least an hour each time! whoo hoo! i just might go buy some more this weekend! anyway here are some pics of them playing with it yesterday, without fighting!

this is their creation they did TOGETHER!

Monday, June 23

another challenge

from sisterhood of scrap. i really liked their idea. you have to make a layout using a title of your favorite tv show or movie. i picked "without a trace" i love that show! in the pic kimber was running by us at lg's birthday party. my hubby took it and said it would be a good scrap page because we can never keep up with her. i thought to myself, "um...nice thought honey, but duh, no. how would you know what to scrap?" and the only reason i didn't delete it was because i didn't want to hurt his feelings. anyways, i guess i'm eating my words(or thoughts). if your reading this babe, sorry!

Sunday, June 22

bye bye


no more sling!
stitches are coming out tomorrow! tomorrow will be 12 days since my surgery. and let me tell you, my hand STINKS! like old funky dirty feet! every time my hand moves i can smell it. i still think that nurse was crazy when she told not to change the dressing. i can't imagine what is growing under there. ewwwwwwww. it doesn't help that i'm a germ freak.
anyway, busy, busy week ahead. it starts every morning at 7 am. i thought this was summer, where you get to sleep in. nope not this house. we have dance camp every morning, vbs every morning, doc appointments and volleyball camp every afternoon. then on thurs i have to drive one kid to grandma's house for the weekend. that's a two hour drive, one way! no staying up late this week for me or the kids.


better late than never...i picked yellow/purple.

it's hard to see, but 12x12 paper is kind of a pale yellow
yeah, i'm gonna say it again. I HATE MY CAMERA.

Saturday, June 21


wow i just realized that both of these layouts are laura gale. my,my how she has grown.

1st challenge

here's mine

Friday, June 20


yeah kinda, just the second one. but they are enjoying their snacks!


today is the day the girls have been waiting on since school got out. camp rock premieres tonight on disney channel. they are so excited. FYI - it's just like high school musical thing. i told them after we get their hair cut we would go to the store and get some special movie snacks and even some candy.(trying no to be so uptight about the whole candy thing)so we are having a "CAMP ROCK PARTY!" WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO GIRLFRIENDS! catch ya later with an update!

Thursday, June 19

free goodies

ckeck it out

sidewalk paint

usually when i go grocery shopping i try not to take the girls. it's just to much of "can i have" or "mommy look" or " i want", but yesterday i didn't have a choice. i needed them to help push the baskets, yes basket with a "s". we can never get out of there with one basket. i shop for two weeks. anyway, i told them that they could have a treat because they have all helped me out so much lately, with the bum wrist and all. so i thought this would be good 'cause it would be an "outside" thing. fun. cool for the younger ones right...oh no. laura gale didn't want that. she wanted mints. i'm not big on giving the kids candy, and we don't have gum in the house because they all have some sort of appliance in their mouth. so unless it is a special holiday they really don't get any. well, after explaining to her that the chalk would last longer and be more fun, she still wanted the candy. so this what she picked over the wonderful, time wasting outside paint chalk. and what do you think she wanted to do when got home...yep, sidewalk paint. so lg shared her mints with kimber and kimber shared her sidewalk paint with lg. btw miranda just got money. she thinks she is to old for toys, but she was out there right next to them. little stinker!

YEE HAW! IT'S RODEO TIME! don't know much about the whole thing, but one of our scrappin' friends gave karen and i her box tickets. it was so much fun. first we went to the parade. it was so hot! after that was over, we had some time to waste so then we went to joe's for some gooooooooooood pizza.

the parade was a little loud for kimber.

the kids were so funny. they said some funny things about the animals and the smells. miranda was a little mad because i wouldn't let her go home and change her clothes. i didn't think much of it, i just told her no. well when we got there she saw a bunch of girls from school and was a little embarrassed. sorry babe! she is at a difficult age. i know it is not important to me but it is to her and that is her world right now. so note to a little bit more understanding next time!

laura gale's cotton candy was gone in 8.0! (a little rodeo humor?! ok maybe not)

awwwww...michael and kimber

and finally last but not least...

love ya karen!

Tuesday, June 17

what's for dinner?

i know this is not a well balanced meal, but dad is out of town and we are out of groceries. so we had goodie plates for dinner. goodie plates are a little bit of this and that. i've never let them have one for a meal before and the portions are a little big, but what the heck, you only live once. i'm sure that i could find something to cook, but i just want to. they were so surprised that i let them have this. kimber asked me "are you doing this because you love us so much?" yea, that's right. it couldn't be because mommy is lazy!
boy, i am so tired. (big yawn) i've been working so hard. HA! now that's funny because i haven't done a dang thing around here, just been scrappin! this bum wrist has it's advantages. hee hee. btw the karen, I'M OUT OF GLUE DOTS! jk

here is my challenge for HMITM

i took like 20 pics of this lo. i don't know how everyone gets their lo pics so perfect. is there a trick i'm missing? i have a sony cybershot 7.2, which i've mentioned before...I HATE. it takes wonderful pics outside, but inside or any kind of movement...forget it. i've read the guide a hundred times, ok maybe not a hundred but a lot. does anyone have any suggestions...

besides buy a new camera!

Monday, June 16

summer days

ARE KILLING ME! i can't get my kids to play outside. "it's to hot" they say. are you kidding me! they have lived in texas all their life, get over it already! the only way i can get them to go out is if i let them play in the water hose. that's fine maybe one day a week, but hello can you say water bill. my hubby told me not to worry about it, but he hasn't got the first summer bill yet.

anyway, kimber's soccer camp started today. it's from 9-11. so i thought i would drop her off, watch for awhile then head down the street to the gym for a quick 30 min cardio workout. NOT! i can't trust that little toot for nothing! i get to the gym, (can't do much but walk really, really slow because if i break a sweat that would cause my wrist to sweat and since i can't change the dressing til monday it would stink more than it already does) ok back on track...about 20 minutes after i started i get a phone call from a parent that is up at the field where i left kimber. she tells me kimber doesn't really "feel" like playing soccer, "it's to hot". so i go up there, make her finish and the whole time she is giving the coaches "mean" looks and being tacky to the other kids. since dad is working from home today, i let him handle it. this is far from the first time she has done something like this. ahhhh! she is so strong willed!

on to a happier subject...scrappin! since i can't do much around the house with a bum hand, i've been doing some challenges. here is my scrap your crap challenge...

i must admit this was hard, i've never been a tag person. so i had to dig for these. since i can't write, miranda helped out with the journaling. bless her heart, she has been awesome this past week. cooking, cleaning, brushing kimber's teeth and even cleaning up puppy poop!

Sunday, June 15

gettin back in the grove

ok, pity party is over...for now anyway.

we had a good father's day, hope everyone else did also. we went to church today, i hate to admit it but it's been awhile. a few weeks ago one of the choir ladies had asked my oldest, miranda, to sing a duet on father's day. she hasn't been on stage for a couple of years, so when she said yes i was really surprised. she said "think dad would like that for a father's day gift?" i forgot how well she could sing! it was so beautiful! i got all teary eyed. it was such a proud moment for us.
since i am feeling a lot better, i thought i would try to do something productive today. i was looking at a couple of blogs today (gteta a, to be exact. love her blog!). i got motivated and decided to try another challenge, pencil lines. so here it is...
pic is crap. i hate my camera! anywho, i like how the lo turned out. and i did it with one hand.

Saturday, June 14

trying to snap out of it

lets see what can i do...scrap, no. cook, clean, no. brush my teeth, barely. take a bath, tried, didn't work out to well. put my hair up, no, my daughter does that for me. i'm so frustrated...i feel like such an idiot. my hubby helped me take a shower today. he offered, i guess i stink!!! poor thing, he is always wanting to take a shower "together". i always turn him down. this was as far from sexy or romantic as you could get. (but that didn't stop him from asking) gotta love him.
one thing i can do is sit on my forever growing butt and watch movies. hubby went to blockbuster thurs. night and got tons of movies for the girls and i. so far i've watched mad money, bucket list, over her dead body, p.s. i love you, the other boleyn girl and i still got two more to go.
the kids are in the dinning room playing "life" with daddy. they sound like they are enjoying their time together. i don't think i could play, my head is still so cloudy and fuzzy. and i feel sick to my stomach. i haven't had any pain pills since about 5:30 this morning, so it can't be that. is that norm?
anyway, going back to lay down.

pity party

having a little "poor helpless me" time. trying not to cry...this is very challenging for me.

Thursday, June 12

feeling goooood

for now. i have some good pain pills!!! please excuse any misspellings, i am using my left hand and typing with one finger. and i feel a little loopy.
surgery went well. couldn't have done it without my bestest friends karen and sheree!
sheree has all three of my kids, it is after 8 and she still has two of them, god bless her! (she picked them up at 8:30 this morning and they will be home around 9:30)
karen picked me up this morning to take me to the hospital. picked me up after surgery. took me all around town to get meds, food and my favorite chicken e drink! all with two kids in the back seat. let me tell you her kids are so good! i just want to thank them for being here for me!
i have to keep the SAME dressing on my hand for 12 days! yuck!! i'm such a germ freak, it's going to kill me! ewwwww! to top it off, i have to keep this stupid sling on for 12 days also. i don't think i thought this through before i agreed to have surgery on my right hand. i can hardly do anything. it has taken me almost 30 mins to type this. my daughter was laughing so hard at me when i asked her to pull my pants up after i went potty. i told her "you try wiping with the opposite hand!" eww sorry tmi.
anyway, it should be fun around here for a while. ta ta for now.
thanks again, karen. i will take you and sheree out to a nice dinner soon.

Tuesday, June 10

checking out

well this will probably be my last post for awhile. i am having surgery on my right wrist thursday and i don't think i will be typing much. or anything else cause i'm not a lefty. but i wanted to put my "scrap your crap" challenge up before i go. here is the card we made for dad, i say we because the girls each got to stamp a word. i know it's not straight, which kills me, but they made it and that's what matters!

talk about crap, now that is some OLD chatterbox.

anywho, have a million things to do before surgery. because you know if mom doesn't do it, it doesn't get done!!!

Monday, June 9

shout out!

just a shout out to jana! remember this from our last scrap retreat?!?

scrap weekend

here are some pics from our weekend. i would have put them up earlier but wasn't sure if karen would mind. but she doesn't so here ya go...

on our way to dinner and to find hobby lobby (which we couldn't find!)

little old lady karen with her shaw and sewing...

our view...

our scrap area...

and the wonderful meal karen made for us...let me tell you, yum yum!!!

Sunday, June 8

back to reality

time to come back down to earth! it was really refreshing to get away for a weekend with my closest friends. from friday to today we ate, scrapped and had a few drinks ;) ok, maybe more than a few, but i actually got 21 pages done! woohoo! it was so much fun. with the encouragement of karen, i attempted to do my first "scrap your crap". i did two. here they are...


(sorry about the red date in the top corner. can't seem to remember to turn it off.)

i used 2 american craft, provo craft and reminisce (don't know if this qualifies because it's not all in the title)


for this one i used rusty pickle, 2 american crafts and provo craft.

if the great weekend wasn't enough, a friend of mine found this community paper with my family on the cover!