Friday, August 6


hehehe...using phone for the first time to blog and posted on wrong blog

Thursday, December 24

snow and christmas goodies

first was 70 something yesterday. my kids were wearing shorts and flip flops while playing outside. and today we have this...

i guess that's texas for ya. and it is still coming down. maybe we will get snowed in tomorrow and not have to go anywhere....oops...did i just say that... ;)

here is what i made for my two besties....

bse stands for "BEST SUMMER EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER!" booyah!

liz came over late last night after work and brought me some goodies...

my polka dot blankie...

notebooks for me and the girls...

a christmas ornament. she doesn't think i notice the "ny" but i did :)

and my fave of all (cause ma made it)

oops i forgot to flip the pic...ain't it so cute! it's a key chain! i will always remember ma's visit to tx :)

the girls loved my polka dot blankie so much they had to have one too. so dad made his way through the blizzard and wally to get them one each. brave soul he is. now these might not be "snuggies" but they are just as good :P

we let them open them early

kimber and dad


and goofy miranda (she reminds me of that snl chick...superstar...when she smells her hands after putting them in her pits...hehehehe)

whew....that was a long post. i'm sure i forgot something.

now i'm off to make one last thing. lalo put together a scrapbook for my nephew's football season and i forgot that i promised her i would do the cover page...later

Sunday, December 20

scrappy mojo :)

don't know where it came from but my mojo is back. here is what i worked on fri and sat...

this one is a christmas gift to the in laws. we found out this week that pop pop has cancer :(

it's not a great pic...a lil crooked...sry

here is one i did just cause i have the two best besties in the world! i'm working on their christmas gifts as i speak...or i guess type :P

i will post them soon


Monday, December 14


this past weekend was the white rock marathon. i so wanted to run it...but after watching liz i'm not so sure i can. we went out to dallas sat night so liz could get a good nights rest. the alarm was set for 5:20 and we were off! here are some of the pics i took. for more pics and details you can check out her blog

she is such a nut! after she finished writing secret stuff on herself in koren we went down to the breakfast nook and stocked up on munchies for after the race.

the sun was just begining to rise when we got to the american airlines center

bye lizzie! (bad pic but it's all i got)

this one is kinda freaky. i say that is a ghost ;)

this is where i had to leave her. they wouldn't let me behind the gates

hi lizzie! can you see her??!!?? i was waiting on a side street for her


this is what i watched for at least ten minutes. there were thousands of peeps! i almost didn't find liz. thank god for cell phones. i really want to run it next year! we will see....

Friday, December 11

fun times

here are a few pics from last weekend. we went to visit some old friends out in east tx. the girls (and me) had a blast on the go carts and 4 wheelers!

i'm bad you know it!

miranda freaking out

miranda whinning....getting the feel for how things went??? kimber has no fear!

lg was out of control! she couldn't get it to go fast enough

ok...maybe a bit to fast. she also has no fear. she decided the trees needed to be trimmed a bit i guess. she crashed into the neighbors shed as well and left a nice dent for them

finally miranda let go and tried the little one

k and i

that's all for now folks :)

Thursday, December 10

a smile

is what i got today

thanks diana :)

Wednesday, December 2

scrappy heaven today

had a wonderful day of scrappy heaven at liz's today...just forgot to take a pic before i gave it away to ang. but i feel the mojo so i'm sure i'll be back with more