Wednesday, February 25

a thank you for anilu

but first, catching up on pods

feb 21st - artistic

kimber can show her artistic side when she has a sharpie in her hand. that's my kitchen wall!!! grrrr

feb 22nd - person

just some random person walking and talking on his cell

feb 23rd - arch

love the arches in my house!

i skipped yesterday. it was smile. i was in no mood to smile so i didn't even bother

but today's is a thank you to anilu for probably whats going to become another addiction! here is your box of chocolates....

feb 25th - none

oops, sorry i ate them all ;)

but i did think of you today when i saw this...


Denise said...

I am counting your first photo for the smile, too. You have awesome photos here! The box of chocolate is hilarious. Poor Anilu got none. I amsure she will have a good come back for you. LOL! OH OH! I almost forgot...I love that you have arches in your house. So cool!

Anilu Magloire said...

LOL!!!!! You are too funny, A!

I expect a FULL box of chocolates on my doorstep ASAP, cause you will looooove these books. I mean LOVE!

Now, I need to go get me one of those stickers for my car :)

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Loving the photographs... and gel hand santizer with really good scrubbing gets off permanant marker off of plaster walls. How do I know you ask... Matty had a creative moment while daddy was reading the newspaper while mommy was at work. Hummm.. egads I guess I am still annoyed about that one LOL.
Love the photographs and the calorie free box of Chocolates ;-)

Mye said...

Love your photos...sorry about the wall, but you have an artist on your hands! HA And the VW, is too cute!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

i really wish i had my own car that i didn't have to share cuz i would totally want that sticker. and the hot little volvo to go along with it.

for your 'smile' pod...just flip the arch picture upside down!

tee hee. i'm a dork. and your cardstock is burning a hole in my counter.

Greta said...

Great pictures! The first, I bet you weren't really loving that art huh? An empty box of chocolates is sad, very sad. :(

Smile today though - it's Friday! :)

dawn said...

I love that sticker! I need to find one of those! :-)

Ki said...

Oh my gosh these are all priceless!