Monday, April 6

scrappy weekend

so karen and i went here for a much needed scrappy weekend. and the wonderful kelly goree was there. we had a dinner crop with her friday and took her three classes on saturday. she is a hoot i tell ya! loved her! i also got to met a few sc chics. now i just have to go hunt some of them down because i forgot to get their blog info...miss jacquie!
here are a few pics...mostly of our goofy 'my lady' and 'storm trooper'. when we got home my hubs informed me he is actually a 'snow trooper'. whatever!

karen, me and kelly

the wonderful scrap store this all this took place at

my lady and her man

mr. man eating cheesecake

my lady eating cheesecake

lunch at otb


and there are a few pics i CAN NOT post! ;)

oh i guess you would like to see what we actually did in the classes huh?!? well...we were being to silly to finish but you can go here to see what we were suppose to do. i will post finished projects when they are completed...don't know when that will be :P

we had an awesome girlie/scrap weekend! must do it again soon!

oh! i almost forgot...who do you think this 'messy' scrapper is? ;)


Mye said...

Oh, look how cute you are! And that Liz is a hoot! Glad you had a wonderful time!

dawn said...

Wish I coulda been there. Looks like a blast! Kelly is awesome! I met her at ChA at the Bascic Grey Booth last Summer. Lets see what ya made...

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Glad you had a blast, I too wish I was there! I love the projects you worked on, when done show 'em off, please. Let me see... the messy scrapper could be our dear K-Liz or if I had been ;-)

Denise said...

LOL! Oh could scrap in the 3" square portion not filled up with all your scrap goodness? I am impressed. I have to tell you I am a bit envious of the fun you and Liz had, but despite that I am thrilled you both had so much fun. Oh and I am jealous you got to meet Jacquie in person. :o)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

i need the cheesecake pics!

there you go showing people what a sloppy paper freak i am. THANKS!

i have some more pics to share too. but i'll be nice ;)

Greta.B said...

What fun! You two are my kind of peeps. I'm all about silly so I know we'd get into plenty of trouble together. ;)

But, where's my cheesecake? Did Storm Trooper and Lady eat it all?

walesk said...

you girls are fun!! and holy smokes Aimee, you are tall! LOL for some reason I thought you were tiny :p

Jacquie said...

Bwahahaha!!! You two surely did make a mess, but you were fun! Loved the lady book. :)