Tuesday, June 9

are you sure it's summer?

it has been crazy around here...whewwwwwwwww

here are some pics from the last few days...

kimber and i went to the "free" movie this morning. i've never seen flushed away, even though we own it...i thought it was pretty funny

this is lil miss kimber having a one member sleepover last night cause her sisters were both gone spending the night with friends

this is my soccer game sunday night...no that is not me...but we are the blue team.

stopping by to see bee on my shopping spree day saturday

this is lg after her morning softball game saturday

this is lg catching at her game friday night

swimming at bee's friday afternoon

lg having a refreshing PURE SUGAR drink thursday.

maybe i'll get some scrapping done soon :)


Mia said...

Love your summer pics! Looks like so much fun!

Denise said...

Ohhhh your summer is off to a good start. I want to see you on the soccer field. I'll share a photo of me on the field, but it will be of me napping in the goal. LOL! OK...go scrap now. :o)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

hi! fun pics...you've been busy. you need a soccer team photo with a few close-ups.

oh, and i think we need a fashion show.

Greta said...

fun times! love the slumber party one - hehe. makes me want to have a sleepover. wanna come over? ;)

sheree' said...

poor kimber n her one member sleepover...

dawn said...

Great pics Aimee!