Friday, December 11

fun times

here are a few pics from last weekend. we went to visit some old friends out in east tx. the girls (and me) had a blast on the go carts and 4 wheelers!

i'm bad you know it!

miranda freaking out

miranda whinning....getting the feel for how things went??? kimber has no fear!

lg was out of control! she couldn't get it to go fast enough

ok...maybe a bit to fast. she also has no fear. she decided the trees needed to be trimmed a bit i guess. she crashed into the neighbors shed as well and left a nice dent for them

finally miranda let go and tried the little one

k and i

that's all for now folks :)


moonlightgrrl said...

love how the girls' personalities show in these photos. i think i'd freak out like miranda. LOL looks like a fun weekend :-)

karen elizabeth mataraza said...

you guys are dorky!!! unabomber alert!!!