Thursday, December 24

snow and christmas goodies

first was 70 something yesterday. my kids were wearing shorts and flip flops while playing outside. and today we have this...

i guess that's texas for ya. and it is still coming down. maybe we will get snowed in tomorrow and not have to go anywhere....oops...did i just say that... ;)

here is what i made for my two besties....

bse stands for "BEST SUMMER EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER!" booyah!

liz came over late last night after work and brought me some goodies...

my polka dot blankie...

notebooks for me and the girls...

a christmas ornament. she doesn't think i notice the "ny" but i did :)

and my fave of all (cause ma made it)

oops i forgot to flip the pic...ain't it so cute! it's a key chain! i will always remember ma's visit to tx :)

the girls loved my polka dot blankie so much they had to have one too. so dad made his way through the blizzard and wally to get them one each. brave soul he is. now these might not be "snuggies" but they are just as good :P

we let them open them early

kimber and dad


and goofy miranda (she reminds me of that snl chick...superstar...when she smells her hands after putting them in her pits...hehehehe)

whew....that was a long post. i'm sure i forgot something.

now i'm off to make one last thing. lalo put together a scrapbook for my nephew's football season and i forgot that i promised her i would do the cover page...later

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Ki said...

You got some great shots there! And some wonderful gifts too! I bet the frames were a big hit huh? Gorgeous!