Sunday, November 2

catching up is starting to overwhelm me a bit. but that's life right? everyone can wright a book so i'm not gonna go there.

i had a lot of "proud mommy" moments this week and i thought i would share some pics...hubby took the younger ones out for halloween while i took miranda to the high school football game. she had to preform at half time. now i like football but i'm glad i brought a book. i waited two and a half hours to watch her for six minutes! but it was worth it. i was so proud. she did awesome! she is the one all the way to the right, back line.

sorry it so blurry but I HATE MY CAMERA! if it is not outside and sunny and still, i can't get a good pic! i soooo need a new camera >:(

so here are ms hannah montana and the storm trooper aka kimber and laura gale. same as every year, lg picked out a boy costume. god love her! she does make a pretty darn cute storm trooper though.

here is miranda at her last volleyball game on thursday. they finally won!!!! (again...crappy camera) she got just about every serve over. she is one of two setters on her team. she has come a long way since the start of school.

this is laura gale at her game on saturday and i think the private lessons are making a difference. i think we have a future catcher on our hands. she catches just about every ball that comes her way. she was great! even slide into home!

didn't get any pics of kimber's soccer game saturday morning. but she kicked some serious butt i tell ya! she was on fire! she didn't make any goals but she did a lot of passing and defending. she earned three patches from her coach.

miranda stayed with a friend sat night so i took the other two out for ice cream and made it a blockbuster night. hubby was, of coarse, at the deer lease. and he will be gone til thurs with work, so it is just me and the girls this week.



Anonymous said...

YAY to the Queen of Crap !!!! Congrats girl !!!! And my counter says 17 days , and i am going to Fandango tickets this week because i got an email saying that they are preselling tickets everywhere NOW, and sure enough my theater had show times and everything already for that day !!!!!!! OOOOOH such a nerd i am, i am SO excited and IM SURE im going to go more than once too !! Teehee !!!!
Hope you had a great weekend !!

Mye said...

Wow, seems like you've been busy with the girls! How do you find the time to scrap, saw you at SYC, beautiful!

Ki said...

You got some good shots too though! Their costumes are very cool!