Tuesday, December 23

a bunch of pics (and a wii fit!)

today was a busy day!

ken decided to take laura gale out to the deer lease late last night so it was just miranda and kimber today. and the shocker...they didn't fight all day. last night miranda "let" kimber watch a movie in her room and they ended up having a sleepover. today while i was in between dusting the ceiling fans and doing laundry i looked over and they were playing uno together! oh wait it gets better...miranda painted kimber's finger nails. miranda made a cake for santa and let kimber help. even gave her a spoon to lick. they decorated ornaments together too. miranda made them both lunch without me even asking her to. i'm in bit of shock to tell ya the truth.

here is little miss kimber and her neon pink finger nails

here is miranda's (and kimber's) cake for santa

i forgot the cookie stuff at walmart the other day and i was not going out just for that so miranda came up with the idea for a cake. yes, there is a corner missing. i couldn't resist! i love plain cake without icing! the girls asked me who ate it and i told them it must be that same little ghost that leaves all the lights on in the house and leaves all his dirty socks everywhere for the dog to eat.

ken and laura gale got home around 5:00. this was the first time she spent the night out there. the last time they went, they ended up having to come home all most as soon as they got there. she was just yapping away about how cold it was and how they got up at 4:30. ken took some great pics but they were on a disposable camera. she showed me the pics of her gutting {{{yuck}}} the deer. and the big hog dad had to kill cause it was eating all the deer corn. and how dad shot the deer but it jumped back up and ran off so she had to "track" it down. she just loved not having to take a bath and going "potty" outside. ken taught her how to shoot a 22(?) rifle. here is her target practice thingamajig

she was so proud. 11 out 15 isn't bad for her first time. i think she is all the "boy" i can handle! i was so worried about her out there in the cold and when ken said he was going to teach her to shoot...lordy i just about fainted! let's just say lg is a little (very) clumsy. she trips over her own feet!

anywho, after dinner we made our gingerbread house...

and a few...um...other creations...

miranda's creation:

lg's creation:

kimber's creation:

so ken is out doing last minute shopping. every year he says "here is what we have to spend on each of them for christmas and not a penny more!" i just smile and say "ok honey."and every year, last year it was christmas eve, he goes out and spends more because he doesn't want one to feel bad cause someone got more than the other. god love him!

i finally got in the christmas spirit today. i guess baking, wrapping gifts and a gingerbread house will do it. now i'm just waiting for ken to walk through the door with the last minute gifts.



holy crap! my husband just walked in with a wii fit! i've been stalking four stores everyday, three times a day waiting for their "shipment" to come in.

he was at best buy in the ds game isle looking for a game and one of the employees came up next to him and said "don't know how we missed this one" and puts it right down next to him on the self. someone must have put it back in the wrong place cause he came from the front of the store. anywho, the lady helping my husband looked at him (in shock) and he looked at her (in shock. he just made her go to the back to check for one) my husband didn't say a word, didn't finish looking for the game just picked it up all quite like so one else in the store would see and try to grab it from him and walked to the front to check out.

the same thing happen last year on christmas eve at target when he was trying to find a wii. they "missed" one in the back.

damn he's good! maybe i should send him out every year by himself to do all the shopping!


Greta said...

fun, fun, fun! That is awesome that the girls played together without fighting. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the Wii Fit! :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

looks like you guys had a ball! we did the gingerbread house too...mike even helped! wow! hope you had a good Christmas. i'll talk to you tomorrow chica...

Kathleen said...

your pics are making me hungry! What a great job the girls did!
I love my Wii Fit - although I'm not on it near enough! I went to the gym today but maybe I'll hop on the Wii later... or then again, maybe guitar hero...oh the dilemma!!