Tuesday, December 2

twilight tuesday!

yep, going to see it again! tonight will be the third time. got karen to go with me this time. had to twist her arm though...NOT! hee hee.

been trying to catch up around here. having the whole house sick at the same time was not fun. some how, being a family of five, we have lucked out. only one or two of us gets sick at a time. this was the first time we all had something. but we are bouncing back. the girls don't have to much to catch up on cause last week they only had two days of school and it was more fun stuff and real work. but the laundry...geeeeee whiz! it never ends around here but it was really bad. i'm down to only about two loads now.

i've also been trying to catch up on the yearbook i'm suppose to be doing for the younger girls school. this will be my 5th or 6th year to do it. and i'm really behind. i usually love it but it seems to get more stressful every year.

well i'm off to give kimber a bath and get everything i need to get done before my date with edward.

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karen m. (akaliz) said...

where's the picture! i want to post it!