Wednesday, March 18

three post in just a couple of hour...geezzzz

no scrappin but some pics...karen and are headed to the scrap in waco, tx on the third and fourth of april! can't wait! wooohooo

on to pics

yes i sometime do this. not in public but around the house...dorkage i know

kimber is such an animal lover

OCD? maybe :)

kids having fun while we worked on my new scrap space


after...not finished...will take better pic tomorrow and post but you get the idea.

and this is all cause of my bestie karen! thanks k, LOVE IT!


dawn said...

Lovin' the new organized scrap space. Think K-Liz woud come to MA to do mine??

mom2ee said...

awesome space...wishin yall lived closer...

Regan said...

LOL nice camel-toe...bwahahaha I'm laughing I have those exact crocs, they are the most comfie shoes ever!! (yes I wear socks with them in teh house too)

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Hey if she comes to do Dawn's maybe she swing by here too! Love the photos and LOL on the flip flops, I've done the same thing... we are just too cool! Love the trampoline, thinking of doing that for the boys when they are older.

Greta.B said...

nice! socks with sandals I've seen. socks with flip flops...that's rare. but hot. ;)