Wednesday, March 25

pods and a few fun pics

joined a new gym today...feel like a trader...

i know he's not my kid but i can't help it. he's so darn cute! (sorry k, will send him to ya)

sign i found in purple cow

lg was bored at the game so she created a fort for the bugs :)

kimber gets a little rough sometimes...oops

who is that?!?

march 25 - freaky clouds

march 24 - what k-liz and i will look like in a few years..hehe

march 23 - bad bad bad


Mye said...

Awww....I joined a gym too! And I must agree he is a cute kid, nice photo you captured of him.

dawn said...

Love the pics! Made me smile. :-)

Denise said...

Awesome photos! You are doing fabulous with the 365 challenge! My niece builds traps for the neighborhood cats. We should get her and LG together. :o)

walesk said...

owen is soooo cute!!
is it bad that totally laughed at that random woman walking?! not sure why but it made me laugh :P

Greta.B said...

Was it "funny picture week?" Lol. Sorry, they all seem rather humorous. Well, not all of them, but you know what I mean. ;)

Random lady's behind is my favorite. You could sell that one. Bwahh!!!!