Sunday, October 5

another weekend gone...

well found the remote yesterday! it was in the couch the whole week.

i'm so jealous of karen! she got to go scrap this weekend with our old scrappy friends here in town. i miss them so! hubby had to go to the deer lease and fill the feeders and do whatever the men do on the lease. so i cleaned the house and did some!!

kimber won her soccer game saturday. 5-1. she did very well. she is learning to be a team player. she did not make any goals but she helped her teammates get the ball where it needed to be to make a goal. she got two patches. her coach gives them these little soccer patches to put on their uniforms. she hands them out for winning, good team work, listening etc...then at our next practice she hands out star patches for the "mvp". it is a great motivator for the girls. this is a pic of kimber (bright neon yellow!) and her friend from school. they played against each other, and it was hard to keep them from chit chatting on the field!

miranda and laura gale didn't win their games. but they are improving so much! miranda is getting just about every serve over and laura gale is getting people out! i can't believe the change in both of them. i haven't taken any pics of lg's games cause they don't have their uniforms yet.

back to running tomorrow with karen. i'm actually starting to like it! i can't believe i'm saying that....weird. anywho she kicks my butt every time. she can go without stopping. i have to stop at least once and do the old lady fast walk to keep up with her. but i'm getting better.


walesk said...

hey looks like we did the same 'fun' stuff this weekend LOL
yay! for running. that is so cool that you girls run together... I'm jealous :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

that pic of kimber and her friend is totally awesome!

love miranda's socks! how fun!

and as for the running....i won't tell anyone that your 'old lady' walk is as fast as my running pace ;)

Greta said...

Love the socks!! :)

Bummer you didn't get to have a scrappy weekend.

Denise said...

Sorry you missed out on the weekend. Dang deer lease. Whatever that is. LOL! I hope you get to scrap soon.

Way to go on the running. I am impressed. Is it true that your walking pace is faster than Liz's running/ Just kidding...I saw her post above and had to say it. :o)

Jenn said...

Hey Aimee !!
Ive been sporatic lately and slacking on blogging !! But im trying to be back to normal . Your photos are so stinkin' cute !! And the remote is constantly lost here too, cordless phones too , good think we have 2 !!
Next month is the Twilight movie, woohoo !! I am such a Twilight geek, i have the counter on my blog too with a countdown till the days it comes out, and i think the final movie trailer comes out tomorrow so i will be posting that on my blog when it does , woohoo , have a great day girl :) Miss ya ;)