Monday, October 13


boy it seems my posts are getting fewer and fewer these days. i was good about it this summer. just so busy these days...

hubby and i had our 10 year anniversary friday. 10 years of bliss! ya right! we have been through hell and back! and close back to hell again. but we are here and happy. we went to a dinner and a movie. ( i so do not recommend "body of lies" to long and drawn out) you know i wouldn't go back to being young again for nothing. through my 34 years i've grown and learned a lot. i've learned things are not important, it is the people that are more important. i don't need to impress anyone. i need to cherish who i have in my life and not dwell on the past and what i don't have. i am so grateful for what i do have! i might not have everything i want but i have everything i need! i might bitch a lot but i have a hubby that loves me and i love him. even know we have our ups and downs, we have each other and three beautiful girls that i don't brag enough about. i tend to focus on negative things when i should be focusing on the good!

so here is to another 10 years babe! maybe 20 or 30 or more! love ya!

here are some pics... first kimber at her soccer game with her neon yellow striped hair to match her neon yellow uniform (which they won 3-2!) and the girls at the pumpkin patch that miranda was not happy about(can you tell by her face?) taking a group pic. i think she is getting to old for that kind of thing. she wanted nothing to with it. and i paid to much money for those dang pumpkins. 32 bucks! at least the money went to the church youth group for a mission trip. i could have saved about 20 bucks if i went to wally world. but i rather give my money to those kids going on a mission trip.

miranda apologized after we took the pic for being a snot about it. which i was thankful he realized the way she was acting. she wanted to take another pic and i told her no. this is how we would remember our trip to the pumpkin patch for 2008! ha! we always buy five pumpkins...a great big one for dad, a medium for me and three smaller sizes for the girls. kind of silly but i like seeing the five of us represented on the porch. it makes me feel good.

and miranda won her volleyball game thursday! wooo hooo! she was so proud!

had teacher conferences today. went much better than last year. no was there to tell me kimber was a "disturbance" or "disruptive" in class. laura gale made the a honor role and kimber is right where she needs to me, minus the wiggling and chit chatting. she doesn't get grades yet. next six weeks she will be given number grades. miranda made the a honor role also. she was stress a bit before report cards came out. but she did just fine. i am very proud of my girls!

anywho, i'm tired! so nite to ya'll!


jerseytjej said...

LOL! I would SO do the same thing and deny her the opportunity to do it over! I don't ask for much, but photo's are not a do over for us either, lol!!!

mom2ee said...

thanks for the reminder of what is important. next time miranda will smile if it kills her...don't you love teenage girls?

karen m. (akaliz) said...

dang! miranda looks not happy at all! what did you do to her?

cute pic still :) actually, lg look like she's having the most fun out of all of them!

laverneboese said...

Heehee! Good for you mom...NO RETAKES! I have plenty of pictures of my boys as "little grumpy trolls" and I have the same motto! Needless to say, now we have very few grumpy photo shoots!