Friday, October 3

where is the remote?

heck if i know!!!!!!

i haven't been able to watch my shows all week cause one of the kids lost the remote. of coarse know one knows who had it last. but all of them swear it wasn't them. thank goodness for tivo or whatever we don't care as long as it is recording. of all weeks...when all the new episodes are on! but really i've been to busy to watch it anyways! so i guess there is nothing to complain about.

karen and i have been running this week. i would have never thought i could run that far. 1.3 miles this morning! karen didn't stop, but i walked for about a minute than tried to catch back up to her. i would never do this on my own, so thanks k! i still can't imagine running 13 miles. i have a lot of work to do before dec.

tonight was another hectic thursday night. i'm really starting to hate thursdays more than mondays! i get so frustrated and flustered trying to get everyone where they need to be on time. lg had a softball game at 5:30. miranda's game started early...5:30 instead of 6 so that through me off a bit. and kimber's soccer practice was at 6:30. since i can't leave kimber alone at practice i only got to see a little bit of both lg's and miranda's game. i am seriously thinking about taking them all out of sports. i know it would be so wrong, but i can't keep this up. miranda's is with her school so it is not a problem with her getting to the games and i have a couple of mom's that bring her home for me. but i want to be there! and i can't take one out(kimber) and not the others. that wouldn't be fair so i guess i have to suck it up. i talked with kimber's coach and some other soccer mom's about leaving her there. but i made them promise to "yell" at her if she is not doing what she is suppose to be doing. so i might try it next tuesday to see how it works out before i try it on a thursday. lately all she wants to do is the splits and cartwheels!

and to top off my day...hubby is going to the deer lease this weekend! so there goes my scrappy weekend :( i really need a break!

after running with k and rushing to the gym for my workout, i barely had enough time to shower and get ready for my jr. high PTA meeting. had to leave that early so i could get kimber to the dentist. now i have to get ready for the elementary PTA meeting tomorrow. so good night! sleep tight!

oh i hear hubby coming home from poker...maybe he won! the deal is if he gets to play every thursday i get the profits! hehe


Denise said...

Oh my are one busy woman! I can imagine it is hard to have them all playing at the same time and having to miss some or all of your two daughter's games/practices. I don't even know what to say. I can't think of a remedy. I hope they suddenly change the scheduling and some play on different days. I know...not likely, but I can hope for you!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

stop looking for your'll find it. soccer game good? we rocked today! wish you were coming to eva's today!!!

Ki said...

rofl.... at one point, we chained (yes, chained) our remote to an end table cause the kids would always walk away with it and we could never find it. It really worked... although I don't think the chain needed to be as big as it was... it still worked.