Saturday, May 31

nice surprise!!!

in my post about my nanny i mentioned the holly hobby robe she made me. i just received a bunch of pics from my aunt in puerto rico, and guess what i found a pic of...

you can't really tell, but that is it!



sorry the pics are so little. i'm not so great at this yet.
dinner with my husband's co-workers didn't go as bad as i thought it would. there were only four other families invited and they were actually really nice. i felt a little over dressed but other than that it was ok. they did have some wine and beer, but i just can never seem to bring myself to drink in front of my kids. especially when i have a (almost) teen that i tell not to do it. but thats is just me. the kids had a butt load of fun on the water slide. my oldest thought she was to cool to go down, but you can so tell she wanted to.

have to get up early for church tomorrow, we have nursery duty at 8:00!

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