Saturday, May 31

just another saturday...

just finished shopping at wally world. always love that. NOT! i actually made it out with one cart and right at 200 bucks! that hasn't happened in forever. every two weeks i have to pull two carts up the wal-mart parking lot hill, for some reason that's the way they designed it. and i never get out of there under 350. i hate shopping there! now that is done i have to get us all ready for a "fun" dinner with husbands co-workers! yea!! NOT!, again. i will be sure to take my niravam before we go. i don't do well with big groups of people, especially when you have to try and impress them. anywho, the girls should have fun. they are going to have a big inflatable water slide.
so i just have to tell and try not to hide in a corner. maybe they will have beer, that would make it all better. hee hee

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