Tuesday, May 27

new additions...

first is our sweet new puppy, sophie.we got her about two weeks ago and she is sooooo damn cute. she is about 9 weeks old. she is shar-pei and lab mix. we have been through so many dogs. and they never last more than 6 months before we have to get rid of them for one reason or another. but i think sophie is here to stay! she is doing well with house training. sometimes it feels like having a new baby, getting up during the night a couple of times to take her out. she likes to get up and play around 5:30. so haven't been getting a lot of sleep. but that's ok, the girls love her.

second is my husbands new company car. it is crazy! he gets whatever he wants from toyota, custom ordered from the factory every 10,000 miles. this time he picked my dream car, sequoia. it is fully loaded! he is letting me drive it as much as possible when he is town. i think he did it just to tease me. thank god his company pays for the gas! i thought my car was bad, i filled his up yesterday and it was almost 90 bucks!

we went swimming at a friends pool yesterday for memorial day. it was fun. poor little kimber ended up with blisters on her toes. her bed time is 7:30 and she woke up about 8:30 crying about the her toes hurting and didn't go back to sleep till 10:00. so i warned her teacher today that she might be a little whiny at school. i can't believe school is out friday. i always dread summer, i am a routine person and summer just throws me off.

tonight is my baby's, i guess she not a baby anymore, 6th grade graduation. she will venture into jr. high next year! i'm a nervous wreak. but i can't wait till this year is over because of all the dang drama! and to think i have two more girls to go...god help me!

anywho got to do some MORE laundry. it never ends!

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karen akaliz said...

what a sweet little puppy! i want to squish her face all up!!! the car looks awesome...and the girls are pretty as ever.

did you get your goodies yet? when are you going to join studio calico? huh? huh? you're missing out!