Thursday, May 29

can't sleep!!!!!!!

it is now 1:31am and i'm still awake! what is my problem?! i took my sleeping med hours ago. i have to get up in five hours to get the kids ready for school. probably earlier than that with the new pup. AHHHHH!!! i'm so glad i started this blog thing. it is a nice way to vent. i went all over town today to get the teachers gifts ready for the last day of school. i'm making them a goodie baskets, for one a flower pot, full of all their favorite things like their hobbies, snacks, drinks etc. and my kids just act like the world is going to end because they didn't get home in time for a snack. why do i bother!? they did nothing but argue and huff and puff the whole time. i wanted them to all write a SHORT note on the cards i spent three hours making. you think it wouldn't be a problem...oh yes! i had to ask them at least a dozen times to do it. if dad was here it would have been a whole different story. he says it once and it's done. i have to yell to get any thing done. i feel like a horrible mom by the end of the day because all i've done is yell. that is not what i want them to remember.

sometimes i feel like no one even realizes what i do. my husband is the only one who notices...most of the time. bless his heart! i love him so much. he works so hard and is out of town a lot. sometimes i feel like i'm a single mom. i know that sounds tacky because their are so many moms out there that are and i can't imagine what it would really be like. and i know i have a husband who appreciates what i do. but he doesn't always get it. i guess i just needed to get that out. i need to count my blessing instead of complain.

ok i feel a little better...good night, i hope

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