Friday, May 30

one person i admire...

is my nanny. these pics are from our visit last october. she came to phildelphia from puerto rico for some medical tests. we took the girls out of school for a week and went up to see her. it was like a family reunion. i know a week sounds long, but she hadn't seen the girls in almost five years. kimber wasn't even walking last time we saw her. family is very important to me. my grandfather and her went back to puerto rico a few years ago. they wanted to go home before they died. well my grandfather pasted about a year ago and she has not been well since. so i had to take this chance to she her. my family had never met my husband, we've been married almost 10 years, so he took a week off from work and we went. we made this decision all within 48 hours. he got to meet my dad and stepmom, uncle, aunt and grandmother. it was the best vacation ever. i don't know how much longer i will have her in my life, but i sure do love her and miss her. one of my favorite memories with her is...every summer i would visit, she would make me some outfits. the best thing she ever made for me was my "holly hobby" robe! yes, i said holly hobby. boy,i'm so old!

anywho, i hope i get to go to puerto rico soon to see her just one more time.

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Emily said...

Thanks for the comment! I think your new blog looks great! I need to work on mine some more too! I just post and go! :)

I'm glad you got to see your Nanny and family and I'm glad they got to meet your DH and kids!