Friday, September 26

long evening

geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i pooped!

(edited friday: oops! i mean "i'm" pooped hehe, sorry)

i didn't think this night would ever end! since the hubby is out of town i had to be in three places all in the same time. miranda had an away volleyball game, luara gale had a softball game and kimber had soccer practice. i didn't go to miranda's game because she rides the bus there and has the option of riding it back or going home with a parent. and what a game to was apparently the best game yet even though they lost. lots of action! she didn't get home til almost ten. i had a friend bring her home cause the other two were already in bed. she was going on and on about how close it was and how the coach keep telling her (yelling at her) "great job terry" "way to go terry" and "that's how you do it terry" sooooooooo proud of her right now. she works so hard getting up at 5:30 every morn and tries so hard to do what the coaches ask and tonight just proves to her that it pays off.

my plan was to take kimber to practice then leave to take lg to softball. well since i can't trust kimber to behave and listen to the coach while i'm not there, i decided to forget about soccer tonight. which was probably a bad idea since her first game is sat morning and she could use the practice. not just for skill but for discipline. she has the skill...holy moly she can kick butt out there on that field! let's just say don't get on her bad side by pushing or elbowing her cause she will take her time and wait for her revenge. not that we encourage that! but it is something fierce she has in her. it is kind of funny...she will be out on the field and just be standing there playing in the dirt, looking up at the sky, not paying attention but as soon as you call her name and get her attention, she is after that ball in a heart beat. she will chase someone down and steel the ball and take to the other end...but getting it into to goal is a different story. it always hits the post. i shouldn't say always, but 50% of the time.
but oh well, i can't do it all.
poor lg, while warming up before the game she got smacked in the eye with a hard throw from a teammate. the girl was maybe five feet from her and threw it as hard as she could. don't know why but i don't think it was intentional. so lg sat out the first inning. they lost as well, slaughtered is more like it. but lg played the best she has ever played. not one ball got passed her. she started out in the out field but then her coach put her on first. and boy did she shine! i was so proud cause she has been struggling so much. all the girls she plays with have been playing since t-ball and they are all 9 and 10 now. this is only lg's second season. she loves it but doesn't feel good enough. so this last week i found her a coach for private lessons. and after one lesson i can see the difference. mostly cause is getting some self esteem. we didn't get out of there til almost eight. so of coarse we were way off schedule (WHICH I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING) kimber is in bed by eight and lg by eight thirty. after baths and a couple of homework things that were "forgotten" they didn't get to bed til almost nine. they are the kind of kids that need their sleep! can't wait til times ahead.
it is about 12:45 now. so i think i should go to bed. the one day i don't have to take any of my kids to school cause i trade on fridays with a friend and i decide to go running with karen! and down a busy street needless to say! where everyone is going to see my big old butt jiggling around! ahhhhh! why did i agree to this karen?!?! i really want to sleep in! i sooooooooo want to call you in the morn to cancel. but i won't! i promise! just be nice and take it easy on me :(

sorry, lately my post have way to long!


Anonymous said...

That is really cool that the girls like sports and excel in them! I have a soccer player and she is getting slaughtered every week, but faithfully attends practice two times a week... Jog for me too...I could use the exercise! ;)

Cath said...

tee hee, your typo made me giggle :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

glad everything came out ok!