Tuesday, September 2


on so many things,

* miranda made the volleyball team! yay! her first game is this thursday. it is out of town. yuck! and kimber has soccer practice at 6:30 so hopefully dad will be in town to help me to be two places at once!

* kimber and dad had a two hour heart to heart talk. it would not have been so long but she is very strong willed and stubborn! she has definitely been testing us lately. hopefully this will help her. cause if it doesn't her butt will be hurting from that paddle! we have had enough of her meanness, destructiveness and lately her tantrums! for example...we were in a store the other day and while i was busy talking to the lady there. she got mad at her sister for not letting her do what "mommy" told her not to do. so she said "well then i'm just going to break something then" AND she tried. unsuccessful, thank god! i had no idea this happen till after we left.

* we got the two older girls some well deserved furniture for their bedrooms. we have live here for three years and have never fixed up their rooms. i have always felt guilty but we just haven't had the cash flow to do it. i've always wanted to make their room "theirs" somewhere they would be proud and love being. something i never had as a kid. so we went all out. just have to buy laura gale some bedding and paint for her room. (kimber did not get anything...she has to prove to us that she can take care of what she has first. judging by her past...it will be a long time before she gets anything)

* have to clean out the girls room for the furniture delivery by thursday morn. yuck!!! i just don't have the time!

* kimber went to her grandmothers for the weekend. she saw the cows and "billy the bull" who she just loves to death. she feed them and just loved that. she picked pears and okra. (sorry not sure if that is how you spell that)

* dad took the rest of us girls out for a day of fun. shopping. eating out. ice cream. a ton of movies from blockbuster. and eating out some more!

* when we went to pick up kimber, we helped my in laws pick up tree limbs and horse apples. their health is not great and their land is needing more attention than they are able to give it. so we helped with a few things. i wish we could do more for them.

* kimber lost her first tooth at school today! will post pic later. but wouldn't ya know it...she lost it. we think it ended up in the trash by mistake. she looks so stinking cute. that tooth has been ready to come out for weeks. she just didn't want to pull it out. she bit into to her pear at lunch and she said it was just gone. to funny!

* got a box of scrap goodies in the mail the other day that needs to picked over so i can send it to another person to pick through. we are passing around a pizza box with others "scrap crap" and taking what we want then refilling it with our own scrap crap and passing it on to others. you know what we consider crap someone else will love!

* i've got to get up to the school early tomorrow to bake and serve the teachers some fresh cookies while they are at lunch. i've got this little oven and i am taking it to the teachers lounge to treat them.

* have to make an appointment with doc for lg. i'm am very worried and convinced that she may have a bit of tourettes syndrome. (probably spelled that wrong too) don't know much about it. but i'm very nervous. and will feel stupid if it is nothing. but i rather be safe than sorry.

* waiting on my "twilight" t-shirt to come in the mail. hubby doesn't know he bought that for me! hee hee

* just finished reading the draft of midnight sun! i can't believe someone would do that to SM! i'm so pissed! if she doesn't get to finish it i'm going to hunt down that idiot who stole it! why would he or she do that???????

*went to lowes to buy patio furniture, i was so excited...until we got there and there was nothing, i mean nothing. not even an ugly set left! they sold it all this past weekend so that was a bummer! but got hubby to take me to bed bath and beyond instead. that made up for it! oh yeah! broke the bank there!

*planning another scrap weekend sooooooon! yeah!!!!!

that's all for now!

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Greta Adams said...

congrats to her....i have been wondering where you ass has been...as you probably been wondering the same about me too huh/

anyway...now i know...u had your nose into edward...can't say as i blame you...only i took my time...i know 4 is the last for a while so i am just now starting eclipse....