Thursday, September 4


on the furniture guys to get here! i have to leave by three to get the girls. they better get a move on! i've been cleaning out all their rooms today. what a bunch of crap they have! where does it all come from cause i sure don't buy it!

well here is little miss showing off her missing tooth. she was up set when she lost it. not cause she lost her first tooth but because she had nothing to leave the tooth fairy. she was worried that she wouldn't get any money! little toot!

i haven't been able to scrap lately. i'm afraid i forgot how! ;) but i did give my pta binder a make over with some heidi and some glitz! pic is blurry but oh well...

miranda plays her first volleyball game at five today! i'm so excited for her! we went and bought those silly, tiny, tight spandex volleyball shorts yesterday after the coach said they would provide them for the girls. duh!!! that makes me so mad. i asked them on tuesday "do we need to buy the shorts?" they said "oh no, we will make sure they have them for the game." well twenty five bucks later...i had to hunt them down after school yesterday cause we live in a small town and i was not going all the way to ft. worth!

the game is about forty minutes away. i hope we can get back by 6:30! but i think i'm dreaming! kimber has soccer practice from 6:30 to 7:30 and i have to get laura gale signed up for softball by 8:00! and i don't even know where the office for that is! anyway got to go finish up some laundry. hope those furniture guys get here soon!

EDIT: it is now 2:40 and still waiting!!!! even if they get here, i have to leave in twenty minutes to pick up the kids! they won't have time to set everything up! AHHHHHHH!! so frustrated right now!!!

UPDATE: they got here at 3:20. mind you, the kids get out of school at 3:15. my hubby cut his day short and made a hour and a half trip in 50 minutes. i passed him in the drive way, he pulled up the same time the truck did.

out of seven pieces that were delivered, five have to be replaced! oh i am so pissed! but there is nothing i can do. my house is a disaster! the older two girls are sleeping on the floor for the next couple of days. poor things...they were so disappointed when they got home. anywho, had to vent!

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karen m. (akaliz) said...

what is with furniture people??? i thought it was just me. stupid idiots.

kimber looks cute with her missing tooth. sorry that she misplaced it :(