Monday, September 15

should be interesting

in our house tonight! COWBOYS vs. EAGLES

i'm a yankee and my dad still lives in i guess you know who i'm cheering for. hubby threaten to kick me out earlier! if you live in texas, being a eagles fan is not good for your health. so i have to keep it down.

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shhhh, you didn't just read that!

a few things that are going on here...

*first i'm still in shock over the horrible tragedy friday. i didn't know aleida very long, but she surely touch my heart! i can't seem to get this charming lady off my mind. i have seen the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises the past couple of days and i can only think of her when i see them. she surely must be doing something up there to contribute. her poor husband and those two gorgeous kids! if you happen to been blessed by a comment she left or seen one of her projects and would like to help in a small way you can go here. there are couple of ways you can help.

*miranda is having a hard time in school. she feels alone. she feels like her whole world is crashing around her. the other night, her birthday to be exact, she had another one of her melt downs. i must say this one scared me a bit. she was crying so hard she was shaking and almost hyperventilating. my hubby was out playing poker and i almost called him to come home. "i just want to die" were her words. now i know she is dramatic but to hear those words come out of my thirteen year old's mouth...i didn't know how to comfort her. i did my best. i didn't want to make her problems seem like they were not important, because to her they are. she begged me to let her stay home the next day. as much as i wanted to cave, i didn't. it would be easy to let her run from everything around her but it will still be there monday. there wasn't a specific thing that happened just to many for one day i guess.

*kimber has a "boyfriend"! this was our conversation during bath...

k - dalton said he liked me like a girlfriend.

me - really? you know daddy doesn't want you to have any boyfriends.

k - not until i'm as big as miranda.

me - maybe.

k - can you do this when you have a boyfriend (she made a really long kissing sound tossing her head side to side)

me - uhhhh

me - you can't do that until your married. (said very calmly)

k - like you and daddy?

me - um...yes. now get out and dry off...

wth? she is in first grade!!!! i tell you raising girls is not easy! and to have to do it three times...please god help me!!!!

*and the reason she is not aloud to bath by herself anymore....last night she decided to squeeze the brand new bottles of conditioner and shampoo into the hair rinsing cup. just to see what color it would make!!! and just the other night i went to clean the tub and found it covered in green slime....hmmmmmmm who do you think poured out all the shampoo and painted the tub??? yes the same little girl! so that is almost six bucks down the drain, seriously down the drain!!!!

*have to figure out how i am going to be at three places at once thursday night! miranda has a volleyball game at 5:00. thank goodness it is a home game. laura gale has a softball game at 6:00, it is right across the street, thank goodness again. and kimber has to be at soccer practice by 6:30, all the way across town! hubby's not sure if he will be here to help. i'm starting to stress!

*tomorrow will be the first time i have to juggle everyone around for practices. it wouldn't be so bad if kimber would do what she is told and behave. i have to leave her at soccer practice and take lg to the other side of town for softball practice. drop her off and go back and pick up k. now, i learned from last year when we had to do this that kimber will go to the playground as soon as i drive away. and as soon as she would she me coming back she would run back to the field and act like she was practicing. this went on for two weeks before i notice her running across the field to get back. and my fellow soccer moms know that i wouldn't put up with that! i don't know why they let her get away with it. kimber told them she didn't feel like practicing....ummm hello! so i had to start leaving my oldest to babysit. so as much as miranda will whine and hate it she will be doing that again this season.

there is more but i'm getting tired! so that is enough for tonight!

EDIT: 37 - 31, EAGLES!!!!


Greta Adams said...

i saw the eagles won! YAY!!!
and thanks for giving a shout out for contributions..

girls: i don't even want to talkk about that right 4 year old is giving me a run for my money!


karen m. (akaliz) said...

sorry your boys didn't win. who am i kidding? i really don't care. they're not the yankees (i know, different sport)...but tony romo is quite fine with his crooked little mouth. yummmm!

Susan Beth said...

Saw a video at church about those teen years and the need for kids to feel like they have an identity and are accepted. Sounds like you are in the thick of it. While you don't want to give in on irresponsibility (staying home from school) it is supposed to be good to acknowledge their stress, so I think it sounds like you did great! Best of luck with the younger ones too. You are one busy lady!

NancyJones said...

sorry to be laughing right now. My daughter is 5 and already has a boy friend. She told me they got married at school the other day (insert the omg shocked face here) SO ughh we had to kinda put the brakes on that some. It is funny but OH SO SCARY TOO.
We dont leave the shampoo on the side of the tub anymore either after I opened the door and it looked like it had snowed in our bathroom because there were so many bubbles everywhere and I had to find my child in it all.
Ya her father had to clean that one up since he left the shampoo out.
WHO KNEW that stuff made so many bubbles? we do now...
KIDS gotta love em!!