Sunday, January 11


# 4 for BASB, going green!

i took an old popcorn tin we got for christmas two years ago and turned it into a trash can for my scrap area. it didn't turn out exactly the way i imagined it but i tried.

i emptied all my patterned paper from my scraps and punched out scalloped squares and just started gluing them down. i used all my patterned scraps! so now all i have left in my paper scraps are solids. i also used up some old alphas i've had for years that i would not have ever used. added some old ribbon and buttons etc. and poof i have a new trash can! my oldest daughter tried to snatch it from me so i guess it turned out ok.

old popcorn tin:

new trash can:

if you haven't checked out the other basb crew's creations i promise you won't be disappointed! so head on over and have a look. there is a great rak too!


colosnowangel said...

What a greatidea! It is so darn stinking cute I just might have to do that with some of mine! Thanks for the idea! :0)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

holy crap woman! i just now saw this...completely awesome!

mom2ee said...

you rocked this wow and Liz can come redo my house

dawn said...

Love this! You rocked this challenge!! :-)

Hello Hobbies said...

your can turned out so cute! And you are so talented. I love the way you took the challenge. Wow!!!!

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