Sunday, January 25


i can't upload any photos to the basb's mb so i'm putting my pod for the last few days up here. (i'm a little cranky today)

jan 22nd - hands

this is miranda's hand with mine. she has grown up so fast! that hand use to fit in the palm of mine! ewww and look at all my wrinkles! my hands use to be as smooth and soft as hers :(

jan 23rd - sweet

i was going to take a pic of some hersey kisses, but denise beat me to it. so i snapped a pic of the girls sneaking some of my favorite chocolate thin mint cookies.

jan 24th - water

here is my shower head. i love this thing! i installed it myself without husband's help. he wouldn't know what to do anyways ;)

jan 25th - crooked

this is my kitchen window. you can barely tell but my blinds are crooked. it drives me crazy i tell ya!


moonlightgrrl said...

i think you have pretty hands!

great photos :-)

Denise said...

Aimee, your photos were posting on BASB. Not sure why you couldn't see them. Still I get to see the first two again. I love the set up of you and your daughter's hands. That is such a wonderful thing! All your photos are excellent. I love your takes on the prompts. Oh and I am a proud shower head changer, too. Yea for girl power!