Wednesday, January 14

trip to michael's

well today was a good day!

started off at the gym. in the past two months i've lost 2.25 inches and almost 4 pounds. slowly but surely getting there. the weight would probably come off faster if i stay away from i hop. but this morning my good friend sheree asked karen and i to meet her for breakfast. how could i resist girl time!? anywho, we ended up at michael's. here is my photo of the day...

i also bought a couple of punches, ribbon and some christmas clearance stuff. the nice lady at the register gave me a coupon towards one of my punches but i still spent way to much money! i started to have buyers remorse but then i thought about it and decided nahhh ;) besides my kit from sc, i haven't bought anything scrappy in months so what the heck.

then i went to walmart to do my grocery shopping and was under my budgeted amount. yeah! had a good conversation with lg's teacher. she failed her six weeks math test. ouch! but her teacher put my mind at ease. we worked out a plan to help her. and while waiting for the girls to get out of school i got to read some of my new book. gotta love that stephanie plum! although i prefer ranger, diesel is back! don't know if ranger will show up. (fingers crossed) morelli has showed up a couple of times but not a lot.

didn't follow today's prompt for basb's pod, it was "tangled". i keep my eye open all day for a good pic. nothing popped out at me. tomorrow should be easier though, it is "brown".

FYI - tomorrow the winner of challenge #4 should be announced and challenge #5 will be posted too.


dawn said...

Awesome goodies Aimee! I may have to take a trip to Michaels myself! :-)

crafter said...

Hi Aimee, I found your blog through Karen's blog. Do you remember me from Scrap 2 It? You look awesome! Good to see you are doing well.