Monday, January 26


not that kind of quickie! my hubby thought the same thing. ha! sorry, no luck babe!

anywho, just a quick post about the past week...

took lg to neurologist. i feel a lot better talking to the doctor. he was wonderful and answered all my questions. she started meds on saturday. i will have to call the doctor though. she is like a zombie. this is her in the waiting area

miranda got her nikeid's in the mail that she designed herself and spent all her christmas money on. (notice the bangs. teehee)

ken went to the doc thursday and found out he had strep. joy! it has been fun following him around with the lysol can and lysol wipes. seriously! i don't need that crap. he was confined to the bedroom unless the girls were in bed. and i clean everything he touched or even thought about breathing on. so far so good. no one else has gotten sick.

kimber, well kimber is kimber. no major events this week. just the usual everyday battles.

finally finished up the yearbook (three days late). oh well. next deadline is due in march so i'm taking a break.

took miranda and three of her friends to the movies friday night. saw bride wars. it was pretty good. a bit much for her age but i guess i have to let her grow up some. i had to stay back like i wasn't 'with' them. that was fine by me until i saw those 'boys'! i tell ya, i wanted to slap a couple of them in the head! it shocked me a bit to actually see them gawking at my child. staring at her butt, not just looking, staring!!! oh geezzzzzzz! glad dad didn't take her.

went to karen's little man owen's birthday sunday. i can't believe he is two! i remember karen's shower like it was last week. we had it here and my biggest memory was kimber knocking over a candle (a red one) five minutes before everyone was suppose to be here! the wax is still in my carpet.

karen got me hooked on facebook today. another addiction, just what i needed!


dawn said...

Just a day in the life huh? Glad things are working out with lg. Love miranda's new sneaks!Hope that your hubby is feeling beter soon.
..and now your hooked on facebook too?? LOL!

Greta said...

Sorry to hear that LG is like a zombie. Hopefully you can get the meds adjusted. You tell Miranda that I love her shoes - they look like something I would wear! :)

Keep those sickes away!

Anonymous said...

Those sneakers are FIYAH and I would have spent all of my Christmas money on a pair if I did not have 4 kids that need Effin Guitar Hero Tour, New jackets, PS2 games, A new 32" flat screen tv ( ok, I suckered them on that one, lol!) etc....

karen m. (akaliz) said...

i totally missed the bangs! they look so good! they really look good with her shape face.