Wednesday, May 13


today was a better day :)

spent most of the day at k's house being crafty. i made a layout using the new kit from sc. i posted and guess what...fudged it up! left "of" off part of the small title...duh! k says no one will notice, but now you all know. hehe

i'm just taking a break from all the running around. i swear as soon as i pick those kiddos up it is CRAZY! i just took lg to her double hitter sball game out in peaster, (twenty minutes out of town). then brought miranda back into town for her practice. now i am home about to feed kimber and give her a bath so we can go rush back and pick up miranda. i will then bring miranda and kimber home so that kimber can get to bed. then head out to try to catch the last of the second game for lg. WHEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

later :)

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Greta said...

glad today was a better day and that you were able to get some crafty time in.

you ladies and all your running and chasing wears me out just reading it!