Friday, May 1

so sorry

no pics of mr. owen :(

couldn't find my camera for days...and where was it? in the car where i left it. duh!!!

anywho, it has been a long week. now i'm trying to get motivated to make 50 cupcakes for kimber's soccer party tomorrow. hope it doesn't rain. i really want to see her play since i missed the last one. she has improved so much this season!

after soccer we have another six hours straight of softball. lg plays first then miranda and then lg again. at least they are playing at the same place. whew...i'm tired already ;)

next week is teacher appreciation week so i have to put together 60 goodie bags for all the teachers at miranda's school. don't have a clue what i'm doing for lg and kimber's teachers. ugh!

i officially retired today from any and all volunteering next year. i need a year off!

no chairing this or that! no one thinks i will stick to it but I AM! i'm so burned out.

off to start the cupcakes...


dawn said...

Did you say cupcakes??? I will be right over...with a few of my friends from the BASB. You don't mind, do you?? LOL!!! :-)

Greta said...

I'm tired out just reading your list! You deserve a break and should take it.