Thursday, May 21

momma is playing soccer

yes, you read that correctly!
when kimber's season was ending a few weeks ago, one of my soccer moms suggested we play in the adult league. i thought she was kidding but before i knew it, i was handing her my reg fee. what was i thinking??? we had our first practice last monday...lots of laughs. hubs ended up swimming in the lake to get the ball. tomorrow will be our second practice and we decided to make it a "soccer and beer" practice.
anywho, this pic is of a few soccer balls we have collected over the past four years of the girls playing. think any of them will do?

heck no! momma deserves her own. hehe
so i'm on the hunt for a CUTE one. and the girls will not be able to play with it :P


casey boyd said...

That sounds like a good time and great exercise! Gives a new meaning to 'soccer mom' :)

sheree' said...

so i thought ur flowers were on here. but all i c are balls......... lotta balls. ; )

Ayesha said...

wuhoo go you girl

moonlightgrrl said...

of course mama deserves her own supercute soccer ball! i am so in awe of you... first a 10K and now soccer? i'd hyperventilate and pass the eff out!!!

love you tons ladycakes!!! you go girl!

Greta said...

yay!!! This is awesome - can't wait to hear more stories. An you definitely deserve to get your own ball.