Tuesday, May 12

sad and bad day

- heard horrible news today...my dear old friend from east tx...her stepson tried to take his life last night. he is only 16 maybe 17 years old. have not talked to her yet...not sure what to even say.

- hurt one of my dearest friends feelings...need to get foot permanently glued into mouth

- fil is not doing well...he went to doctor today...have not heard anything yet...he told my hubs this morning he is so ready to die. he has been in so much pain for the last ten years that i don't blame him.

- mother is sending many guilt waves my way

- i drove by our old lss store that closed about a year and a half ago and saw this...

i know it sounds silly but this store meant more to me than just a place to scrap. and to actually see it gutted...ick! i feel so sad :(


moonlightgrrl said...

sorry today was such a bad news kind of day. i'm thinking of you, girl... tomorrow will be better. ((((hugs))))


Greta said...

I'm so sorry for all the bad news piling up. That's a lot to handle at once. Hang in there and look for the sunshine. Big hugs, my friend!