Friday, May 15

friday 5

karen tagged me in the friday 5. i asked her if i could do it saturday. she then sent me a text saying if i did it saturday i would have to do 75. not that i don't think you would love to read 75 wonderful facts about my day, i just thought i would spare you.

so here we go:

1. did 4.5 miles on the elliptical this morning (toot toot! go aimee! go aimee!)

2. vacuumed my bed (i have a sickness) k...i'm not sick...i just can't stand bed bugs! ick

3. had chips n queso with hubs at OTB

4. sat outside in the wonderful sun for about an hour reading :)

5. just got home from lg's softball game and i REALLY need a shower (me stanky! whew!)

since she already took sheree, denise and greta b...

i will pick ki, diana, waleska, jenn and elizabeth

now on to my pics for today. i took a lot tonight but the last one is my pod ;)

these are from lg's softball game tonight. even though none of them are of lg actually playing. miranda was being a snot...

so...i told kimber to sit on her...

then there is sweet kimber and dad

and here is mr. smarty pants trying to be funny. he says he is just holding the cord in his hand but i think he is really telling me how he feels about having to RE-vacuum the bed!

so that's it for this post took almost forty minutes!

i need to go take a shower BAD!

later :P


Ki said...

Oh my - you vacuum your bed huh? LOL.
Well I guess I better make a blog post now since you tagged me. It might be too early in the day to post five things's only 8am. I'll wait til I get back from WW and then maybe I'll have something good to report!

Mye said...

You so fresh & so clean now? Love your photos, what's up with the snot attitudes these days? Going through some growing pains with my son...Ima have to bust him in the head. I'm kidding, don't call the people on me!

walesk said...

hey, that's funny! my little one loves to sit on his brother all the time LOL! great pics :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

ok, what are you doing to that poor teenage daughter of yours?

and when you say you vacuum your bed b/c you have a sickness, it sounds like you are ill and you have to vacuum your bed b/c you're sick.

Greta said...


Miranda looks less than thrilled. And vacuuming the bed is a hilarious picture. Not sure why, it just is. Maybe it's your hubby's gesture. hehe!

Denise said...

Go Aimee! Go Aimee! Wow...I am impressed with you. Not only do you rid you home of bed bugs, but you do the elliptical. Woo hoo!