Sunday, August 17

baby girl

my baby girl turned six yesterday. she will start 1st grade a week from tomorrow! i can't believe how time flies. i know everyone says that, but it's not until a big event happens that i realize it. we wanted to take her to sea world cause she just loves "willy". but it wasn't in the budget this time of year with getting three girls ready for school. we were very sad and felt like we failed her as parents but there was nothing that could be done about it.
so her day started out having breakfast with mom at ihop. she got to have the big pancake with the smiley face, of coarse she didn't eat it all. then the ladies at ihop sang to her and gave her an ice cream sundae, yes a sundae at 8:30 am. but hey it was her b-day. and she didn't eat much of it either. (she ate most of my eggs and bacon) then we went to pick out her cake. while we were there i thought a balloon might be nice. yeah right! you see this one she is sings...the wonderful hannah montana song! over and over again. shhhhh don't tell hubby it cost $13.99! can you believe i paid that much for a freakin balloon! i didn't think it would be near that much...guess i should have check the price first. but anywho it was her b-day. and that horse she is holding was only five! doesn't make sense, oh well!
after we got home dad took her for a day of fun. they went to the toy store and he told her she get whatever she wanted...can you tell we were feeling guilty?
she decided on a "ds". she has wanted one for two years now, but we never got her one cause she doesn't take care of her things very well. one of her sisters passed down her old gameboy but it just not the same. so she got one of her very own!
then he gave her a choice of a movie or chuck e cheese, she picked chuck e cheese of coarse! ewwww hate that stinky germy place. glad it was dad and not me! hee hee
so all in all she had a great day.
and now her sisters both say they don't want a party either, they just want to go to breakfast with me and go shopping with dad! so that will be easy! miranda's b-day is in a couple of weeks, she will be 13. she is already planning her day. dad said he would be her chauffeur (sp?) and carry all of her shopping bags. she is so excited!

after dinner and cake, the girls put on a fashion show so dad could see where all his hard earned money went. it was fun. but we have to do more shopping this week. not looking forward to taking three girls to the mall again!

today we attempted to go to church...again...didn't happen. will try again next week! but today has been good. my hubby is such a music lover, from rap to bee gees! (he will die if he reads this, bee gees is his all time fav. it is his little secret!) one of our favorite things to do is let the girls listen to songs we grew up on. some of today's picks and debbie gibson! ok those were my picks! gosh they brought back some memories! then we looked up material girl, cause the girls listen to the new version by ali and aj, or whoever sings it now. so we showed them the original. they didn't like it. laura gale and dad had a dance off! then we were all laughing so hard cause hubby looked up some michael jackson's songs...beat it, bad, thriller. (miranda had a couple of questions about "mr. jackson") but the best part is, remember weird al? well we looked up his video's of "eat it" "fat" and "like a surgeon" omgosh!!! it was so much fun.

anyway, that has been our weekend! we are going to start our "back to school" schedule tomorrow. FUN! not! it won't be so hard for the younger two cause they have never learned to sleep in! but it will be tough for miranda cause she is like me. we can sleep til noon! so that means i have to get back on schedule too. no more staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning anymore. i hope to get a layout done today also, so i will post it later if i get a chance.

EDIT: here ya for creative scrppers #13


Kristine Davidson said...

fabulous layout with the sketch Aimee! You should come and " socialize" with us on our forum!


Lisa said...

Aimee that is a really good page. And Happy Happy B-day to Kimber!! I can't believe is 6!!

Dana said...

$13.99 is well worth the memories you created for your daughter. Great layout!!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

Happy Birthday Kimber!!!

that bday layout is completely perfect!

and i was feeling sorry for ken with the fashion show until i read on about the dance-off...then, not so much! silly!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

very cute LO and yes I know those balloons are way overpriced!

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Kristii said...

Happy Birthday to Kimber!!!
Love your layout!!!

Jennifer P. said...

What a good mommy you are! I think an ihop breakfast and Hannah Montana balloon are the best gifts ever! You should check with the store you bought it at---I know our grocery store says to just keep bringing those expensive balloons in and they'll re-fill them with helium for no charge. Might make the $13.99 last a little longer :)!

Thanks for stopping by!

minnascorner said...

Great LO! Happy birthday to your daughter!