Wednesday, August 6

better day

ok, haven't posted anything in a couple days cause i've had nothing to nice to say...our roof and fence drama has stressed me out beyond belief! it has been a week today that it all started and it is finally over! i wish people would do what they say they would do and have a little pride in doing it. that's all i'm going to say...those issues have been packed away in a suitcase and i hope i never have to unpack them.

oh, and school doesn't start til the 25th and i'm up to my eyeballs in stuff to do for the pta! i'm on the board at both of the kiddos school this year. i think my scrappin' days are going to start getting shorter and shorter. i don't mind doing it, i actually like doing it. i just hate all the bs and politics that go along with it. that suitcase will never be closed!

so today was a good day, karen and i went to our friend's house to swim. the same lady who invited us to her house this past weekend to scrap. she is so damn nice. she built her garage into a scrap room! holy cow! you would not believe this place! she gave us her "secret code" to her gate and said we could go over anytime and swim with our kids, so we did just that. we were there for almost two hours, kids are playing and screaming and just having a ball. when we were loading up to leave, here she comes out the front door! she was there sleeping the whole time. she didn't even hear the kids! i hope we didn't wake her! anywho she is the sweetest thing and she has some stories from her childhood that would make you pee your pants. she is a bit older than k and i. she has 12 other bros and sis. she told us a story about her "step ins" (underwear). her mom made them out of burlap sacks! can you imagine how itchy that was! anyway, she is a hoot!

after lunch i took kimber and laura gale over to k house while i went to physical therapy for my wrist. btw, miranda is at church camp. she will not be home til friday. now i'm sitting in my new computer/scrap space about to finish up a SYC and creative scrappers layout.

loving my new space!!!!

oh! one other suitcase that needs to be packed...someone stole our cheapy $30 blow up pool! since our fence was gone i guess they thought they could come take what they wanted. i took the dogs out sunday around 10:30pm and it was there. then took them out before i went to bed around 1:30am and it was gone. they had a lot of nerve cause my lights were on and everything. i just couldn't believe it. it was pretty windy out so i thought it might have blown down the street. i got a flash light and walked up and down the sidewalk looking for it. couldn't find it so i know someone took it. how could you steal a kiddy pool, take it home and let your kids play in it???? do people just not have a conscience(sp?) anymore?

well, what do you think i found on the other side of my house yesterday morning...the pool! does that make any sense? i'm thinking it was some teenagers and their parents told them to bring it back. that is the only thing i can come up with. ok that is packed away too!

off to scrap!

EDIT: here is my layout

look at me trying to be all karenish and take different pics of my layout! hee hee

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Dana said...

Hip Hip Hooray! This is terrific thanks for sharing it with us at SYC :)

Lisa said...

Awesome Job!!! Thanks for playing along at SYC.

Greta Adams said...

holy cow girl...that is some patience there with those beads but it turned out FAB!!! glad you had a better day today!! swimming and sun always helps...if you want to drive to biloxi i will give you my secret gate code and you could come swim.. :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

ok...seriously..this is awesome! the micro beads are perfect on here!

oh, and i wish i bought those damn target letters!!!

Simply Mel said...

Ok, you must have the patience of Job. My cat - thats some serious bead action! Beautiful LO and photographing it like this really shows us the dimension so GOOD ON YOU!

lashell said...

OOOH....I have been feels good to vent about it on the blog and then just leave it behind.Still love your blog..i may have to get some help from you with the blinkies and graphics:)

2H Design said...

love the little blue balls... what are they and how did you do them???

aimee said...

those are mirco beads. i just used glue dots and poured them over it. simple, but i have the micro beads everywhere! hee hee

ricanlaw said...

Darn girl, this was one very entertaining post. I'm cracking up. Girl and if you still need to vent about your issues, vent, it's better than to let them fester. Karenish? Too funny.