Sunday, August 10

quiet sunday

not doing much today. we were suppose to go to church this morning...well we got up late. i keep hitting the snooze button. miss kimber has kept us up for the past two nights. arrghhh! she has been watching to many scary movies lately. her sisters are old enough to watch them, but they forget she is only five, (six next weekend!) and she can't watch the same things. so "lord of the rings" and "the mummy returns" have been keeping her from sleeping!

here are two layouts i've been working on...boy i pulled out some old paper for these! i've been hoarding that mme bohemia forever! i just loved it!

this one is for got sketch #66

and this one for adrienne

off to make lunch for the kids. they have reminded me eight times that i am thirty minutes late on delivering it to them.

EDIT: here is one i just finished for deanne's blogoversary

i took the advice of a fellow blogger. i hate having my picture taken. but she is right, they will have scrapbooks of memories and i won't be in them! so here i am no make up and looking crossed eyed! and yes she is my daughter, my puetro rican genes passed her by. she is so worried all the time because she is so pale. she thinks it is a curse! hee hee

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ricanlaw said...

Okay, dumb question, you're Puerto Rican?

Hello! ;)

Listen, you look great. Don't be hiding under the makeup all the time, it's not good for our skins. I think you look fabulous, what a great picture and one you can look back later and smile. KWIM? Good for you!!!!!! Now keep buggin me about it too. ;)



karen m. (akaliz) said...

love how you took the pic of kimber's layout and included it on the layout. that sounded funny.

what are you up to tomorrow?