Tuesday, August 12

what ya think???

i'm so freakin excited! i love my new look!

look what she did with the pic at the top. that has to be my fav!!! and the scalloped edges...just yummy!

if your looking for someone to fix your blog up or start a website for your business...she is the one! and her prices are very reasonable.

check her out here


Jenn said...

Oh i love your new look girl !! Isnt it exciting ?! I was so excited when i had my blog done in June . Different girl, but your girl RAWKS too ! I must get my fanny racing on the Pounds for Dough too ! I have lost a couple but just holding right now cuz i need to concentrate. Been hard with all my drama to focus ! Thanks for the hugs for the little guy !
hope you are doing good !
Ill be back at WC one of these years too ! Just waiting till i have more time to fully devote to chit chat, but im glad we have the blogs for now at least !! Boy im a babbler !

2H Design said...

love it, love it, love it! too cute!!!

Kristii said...

Absolutely fantastic!!! Your girl did an awesome job!! I may need to contact her!!

Pinky said...

Oh I love it too that rocks girl!

chelemom said...

This is sooooo cute!!!!!

Lisa said...

I think it looks awesome! Liz did a great job, I really love the colors.