Thursday, August 21

just have a minute

before i have to head out for a busy day.

i was up til 3:30 last night reading those silly books! i haven't thought about scrappin in awhile! i'm so hooked. i thought i saw edward at the mall yesterday in the big gap ad they had in the window! ha!

anyways, all school shopping is done! thank god! cause i don't think i could spend another six hours shopping with four girls ever again! fun but draining! especially when my six yr old wouldn't listen to me! i must have said a million times "kimber don't touch...kimberly DON'T TOUCH!" but i made it through!

off to go volunteer at the schools for most of the day....then i got to get home to see what edward and bella are up to! he he


Anonymous said...

AH HA !! Another addict, so you DID get the books , lol .... IM so glad !!!! You will not regret it girl !!!!

Enjoy your busy day :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

are you going to leave me when school crazy volunteer-aholic woman?

Susan Beth said...

I am avoiding those books like the plague because I just can't give away that much time! Shopping with four girls sounds trying, even if the 6 year-old is being good as gold! Have a great start to school! And don't abandon Liz! Hehe!

Lisa said...

Those books are soooo addictive! I had my nose in a book for almost 2 weeks straight and couldn't do anything else until I was finished!

ricanlaw said...

Ha, you're so crazy. I didn't realize you are a Twilight gal. :)